October 22, 2021

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  • I was able to accomplish about half of my list today which made my pretty happy. Today was the first day of feeding/couping the neighbor's chickens. So as soon as I did roll out of bed, I shook Campbell awake to ask if she was going to walk down with me.
  • She went with me to let the chickens out which was easy enough. We then walked back for a little bit. I then went on a walk with Bentley, but I also convinced Campbell to go with me. Since she was with me, Bentley didn't mind at all walking all the way down the street without stopping.
  • I went to work on the bathrooms this morning. By the time I had finished this, I was trying to work on crocheting with Campbell. I was able to crotchet at one time, but I have forgotten. However, we were pretty much able to figure it out. She is working hard at it, and hopefully will be making potholders by Christmas.
  • Robby and I then left to run to the library. We also dropped off Reagan's phone to repair the screen. We have insurance that is ending soon, so we took advantage of that for sure. When we arrived, they told us that it would be just 30 minutes, so we ran to McDonalds to sit and eat a bite for a few minutes. We had expected for them to say 3 hours and were planning on coming home. However, we certainly enjoyed our snack.
  • Back at the house, I helped Anderson with a little bit of school work. Then we all loaded up to head to Kroger. It was flu shot time! All of the kids and I received my flu shots. Tony gave them to everyone-I do think that we moved through the line fairly quickly. 
  • I did have the kids go in a specific order (from most nervous to least). Here is that order for those that are interested-Campbell, Keaton, Reagan, Graham, Whitman and Anderson. And yep, the 8 year old was one of the least worried about it. He watched the needle the entire time.
  • We then did some grocery shopping for a bit. Then we headed to Costco-4 of us found things that we wanted for Christmas. We bought things from the food area, we had samples, we browsed-we just had ourselves a good ole time.
  • Soon we headed to Grannymom's house for Sunday lunch-just a bit early. I tried to put my chicken buddies up, but they weren't ready for bed. So we went to Grannymom's house and enjoyed supper. She had our first bowl of chili for the season. 
  • We stayed and visited for a little while. On the way home, we stopped for the chickens-they had already gotten in their coup and were settled down for the night. At home, we all went in the house and settled in for the night as well.

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