October 23, 2021

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  • This was our first Saturday off from football, so I was able to sleep in about 30 minutes longer. Reagan had her last soccer game this morning so we were at her field by 815. Well, actually, we didn't stay at the field very long. We dropped Reagan off and ran to pick up some breakfast. 
  • The boys had requested donuts so we did buy some. However, it was a good while before we made it home with those donuts-they were more like their lunch instead of their breakfast.
  • Reagan's game went well. They did lose which was no fun since it was the last game, but Reagan has definitely improved this year, and she has had a blast.
  • We hurried home after the game to deliver the doughnuts. By this time it was time for the game to start. Campbell and Keaton packed their bags to spend the night with friends. When the game and my nap was over I took dropped them off.
  • I am not too sure what else I did this afternoon really. I do know that Reagan left around 4-wearing a dress. She had a friend's 16th birthday where they were all dressing up She wore a cute little black dress along with tennis shoes, red heart socks and a hoodie. She was still pretty cute when she headed off with her friends.
  • Robby and I soon headed out to Walmart. I bought some baskets for the camper-I am still working on getting our food storage figured out. Then we had some salsa, cheese dip and tacos at On the Border. I would have to say that is our favorite Mexican restaurant right now. 
  • We picked up supper for the boys. Then Whitman helped me with my nightly chicken duties. The boys ate their food and cycled through the showers while I watched my first Hallmark Christmas movie of the season.

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