October 15, 2021

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  • For a day that we didn't have to do any school, there sure was a lot of school work being done. Anderson and Reagan did quite a bit of work plus Keaton did some things for next week. 
  • Our day did at least start off slowly-I slept in a little bit. When I did wake up, I stared on the dishes but I could hear children somewhere in the house laughing and talking. The boys were all awake fairly early.
  • When Graham did come downstairs he said that Whitman told him that he had been awake for hours. Whitman soon came bounding down the stairs like he had actually been awake for hours. He hasn't crashed yet so maybe he hadn't been up for hours at least. 
  • Soon the morning was over. I actually was quite surprised when I looked at the clock this afternoon and realized that it was nearly 2. 
  • Anderson drove Keaton, Campbell, Bentley and I to and home from Nonna and Pops' house this afternoon. He did really well-just have to work on his confidence. We visited with them for a little bit before heading home.
  • Then I spent my time watching the storm roll in. No one really noticed the tornado siren going off except for me. It didn't take anytime at all to figure out that we were in no danger so things went on as usual around here.
  • I did manage to have a short nap with Bentley this afternoon. Reagan went to the Bryant football game tonight with Kennedy so the rest of us just hung out at home. We all found some leftovers in the fridge.
  • Campbell and Keaton spent their evening crafting. Campbell made a Halloween sign while Keaton made a fall sign. They both turned out really well-and took quiet a bit of the evening. 
  • Robby and I went to pick up the girls from the ball game. Then a stop at ChickFilA for their evening snack-of course there was a bit of ball game and restaurant traffic that took a while. When we finally made it home, I still had the rest of my Hallmark movie to watch before I shoved these people into bed.

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