October 19, 2021

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  • It was fairly odd this morning when I went to wake everyone up-Reagan was already awake and on her phone. It sounded like she was answering texts. Then by the time that I made it downstairs, Anderson was walking down the stairs headed to take a picture of some of his school notes for a friend. Usually they are not the first two children that are awake in the mornings. 
  • Reagan and Anderson headed off to Comm Central today. They both had a quiz plus Anderson had a test. I know that Anderson is definitely counting down the days until winter break-just 4.5 weeks left.
  • The rest of us started on our work together work. Then it was individual work. Whitman finished as the others were starting on lunch. That is usually when he does finish his school work. Right now he is on track to have an easy Thursday-which means that I have an easy Thursday too!
  • Now, Whitman is still an odd child. We were working on multiplication tables and I asked him 6x6. He promptly asked me what is 9x2. I told him it was 18. After hearing that, he immediately told me that 6x6 was 36. I have thought all day long about how he figured out the answer that way, but I guess whatever works.
  • When Reagan and Anderson made it home, I soon left with Reagan. We dropped off her dress to Nonna to iron. Then we headed to renew her driver's license. It doesn't seem like she has had it long enough to need renewing, but that is what we had to do. 
  • Then we came home for a little bit before I left again with Campbell and Keaton. They had an idea for what they wanted for Christmas. So we headed to Bath and Body works and spent some money. 
  • Next up, we dropped Keaton off for her basketball tryouts. While she was there, Campbell and I ran to the Dollar Tree to do some speed shopping.
  • After basketball practice, we went home to eat supper. Robby had made baked potatoes for supper along with all of the toppings. I then left again with Shannon for a quick trip to Walmart.  When I made it back home, the kids had taken their showers and it was just about time for snacks and beds. 

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