October 18, 2021

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  • So this wasn't a typical Monday morning. Well, the boys and I had a normal Monday. However, the girls and Robby took an excursion to Fayetteville. They decided to drive up there for some cookies and socks. Yep, you read that right.
  • Robby had said that when Crumbl Cookie had Twix cookies then he would take Reagan to get one since that is the the main cookie that she wanted to try. He is a good daddy so when he saw that they were having that cookie this week, he planned a trip.
  • They left at 9 this morning and drove to Northwest Arkansas. Reagan did a little bit of driving on the way. Their first stop was Crumbl cookie where they bought 2 dozen cookies-twix, chocolate chip, peanut butter cup, and one bubble gum (yuck) along with one pumpkin spice.
  • They had stopped at McDonalds on the way for a little bit of breakfast, but then they went to eat lunch at the mall. The reason that they were there was because Reagan wanted to shop at a PacSun store. We went to one in Albuquerque, and she wanted a pair of socks. She also found a sweatshirt to buy today.
  • After their shopping, they beelined it home so Reagan could get to soccer practice. I then met them nearby and brought Campbell and Keaton home for a little bit.
  • Since it was just Bentley, the boys and I left at home today. We did our school work this morning. Whitman did take a little bit of time, but he finished by time for a late lunch. 
  • I did spent most of the morning and much of the afternoon trying to straighten this house and clean a little bit. I did mark everything off of my list except for walking on the treadmill. I still was able to watch a Hallmark movie this afternoon before picking up the girls.
  • When everyone did finally get home, we had lasagna and bread for supper. Bless it though-my parmesan cheese that I bought got a thumbs down from the kids. I wasn't too surprised since I bought it from the Dollar Tree. Anderson guessed where I bought it and somehow Reagan heard "dog store." 
  • The next thing that I knew she was pouring some on the ground trying to get Bentley to eat it. I then realized what she had heard, but it was too late. We were soon all in tears laughing at the poor child thinking I bought them food from the dog store and pouring parmesan cheese on the floor for the dog.

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