October 20, 2021

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  • Wednesdays are a little bit long around here. However, we marked everything off of the list so that is a win. Actually, I wrote out my list this week, but I sure haven't been marking things off of it. I have been doing things on it, but not taking the time to mark things off-probably because I am not doing enough things from that list.
  • After waking everyone up-well, this morning Campbell, Keaton and Whitman were awake before my alarm rang. The girls were making muffins for breakfast, and I am not sure at all what Whitman was doing awake at that time.
  • Soon I was headed to Bible study with my crew. Now, this has happened for years so I know that it is not something new from this year. Most every Wednesday, I drop my sweet children off at Bible study. I pick them up and they are still sweet children. I get in the car to drive home with them and they are hellions. Seriously, I sure don't understand it-but on the way home from Bible study people get rude, disrespectful, entitled and hateful. Pretty much every single week. It didn't even help that we went to the park today afterwards. 
  • It is certainly something else. Bible study must be working on me though because I do have a bit of self control and smile and keep my mouth shut instead of dropping them off on the side of the road. Not everyone is foul on the Wednesday drive home-they usually take turns. I would have to assume that Wednesday mornings are tiring for my crew so that is what leads to the attitudes-or it is Satan trying to make me not want to go to Bible study. 
  • Once we finally did make it home, the Bible study crew calmed down a bit. We all started on our school work. Campbell and Keaton didn't have a whole lot. I just had to check school with Graham and Reagan-who had 16 pages of math to check, which makes me want to gouge my eyes out! Anderson had a bit to do with me, but Whitman had a full days worth. 
  • I stayed near Whitman so he was able to finish his work by 4:30 and have a break before church tonight. Now, he did walk down to the neighbors with me. We are going to feed their chickens for a few days and went down the street to have a lesson.
  • On the way to church, we stopped at Nonna's house to drop something off. We didn't stay long at all, but the traffic was crazy so I opted to skip the library. At first I thought that I would just drop the bigs off and then take the littles with me to the library since we get to church early. However, the traffic by the church was so nuts that I didn't think I could pull off that 2.6 mile drive in 30 minutes.
  • Church tonight was a bit crazy, but everyone had fun. At the end, the kids can say their Bible verses and earn candy. This is really for the 1st-6th grade, but hey Anderson and Graham wanted some candy so they go themselves in line for candy. They said the verses and answered the catechism questions so they also left with candy.
  • Robby had supper heated up when we finally made it home. There were many leftover options to choose from. Last week I was sour after church because I really wanted some warm food, and thankfully last night's leftover baked potatoes hit the spot. 
  • Once we had cleaned up the kitchen, Robby and I headed over to the Wilson's house for a few minutes. We chatted there and watched a you tube video before coming home to put the kids into bed, 

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