October 13, 2021

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  • Wednesday and we survived. Last night I was walking by the car and wondered if I should go ahead and load the car for today. Robby reminded me that we don't leave at the crack of dawn so I should be fine. However, I probably should have loaded the car since I was sure scrambling this morning.
  • We made it to Bible study on time-not early, just on time which was kind of fine. Keaton and Whitman had done a good bit stressing this morning trying remember their two Bible verses that they needed to say. They were both able to say their verses earning Whitman a trip to the treasure box and Keaton a prize next week.
  • After Bible study we went to the park for a little bit. It was kind of nice since we got out of Bible study early. That let us have a good amount of time to play, plus we were home at a decent time this afternoon.
  • I spent the afternoon working on school. It wasn't too bad actually. Most folks were already finished with things-Reagan is completely self motivated, Anderson needs direction, Graham needed help with his math, Campbell and Keaton just needed to work with me, while Whitman had most everything to do.
  • I finished all of the school work around 4:30 and was about to set my alarm for a quick nap when Robby asked if I wanted to hang something in the camper. I opted for that choice, and we hung up our new shoe storage solution-hopefully it works. There are a lot of us which means that we have a lot of shoes!
  • The big kids didn't have church tonight so Reagan went to soccer practice with Robby. Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and I ran to the library before church. Then it was church time for all of us. The kids were able to play on the playground for a little bit tonight, and they enjoyed that.
  • After church we came home. Campbell made chicken nuggets for some folks. All I could think about eating though was Chinese food-I guess that is what I will have to get for myself next Wednesday.

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