October 21, 2021

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  • School this morning for most everyone. Reagan and Anderson went to their co-op today. When it was time to leave today, Reagan was slightly panicking looking for things to pack for lunch. Now, she already packed carrots, green beans, edemama and almonds. I am sure that was enough to keep her full.
  • But just in case it wasn't enough-on her way home, she stopped by Dollar General and bought some chocolate milk. And after she did get home, she heated up a chicken pot pie for an afternoon snack. 
  • Graham, Campbell and Keaton all seemed to zoom through their school work today. I was even able to pull out school for next week. However, Whitman didn't move very quickly at all. I didn't have the heart/strength to make him do more this afternoon so he will be able to finish his tomorrow.
  • Nonna and Pops came over for a few minutes today. They dropped off Reagan's dress that Nonna ironed for me. I probably should have made Pops a birthday cake to celebrate his birthday today.
  • When they left, we had a bit of time before we loaded up to go to the orthodontist for Campbell and Graham. This is just their second time-it went fine. They did tighten their braces, but I haven't heard any complaints just yet.
  • I wasn't home too long before leaving again to take Anderson to Raymar to do a little bit of work. He was there for 2 hours working. I ran to Walmart, but since I wasn't sure when he would be done I made it back pretty early. That was fine though because I may or may not have had a nap while waiting on him.
  • On the way home, I stopped to get him a little snack. We stopped at the new QT by the church house. Anderson got bbq mac and cheese. He said that it was so good that words failed him. I guess he was really hungry or it was really good because he gobbled it down.
  • Robby had already cooked supper here-waffles for everyone. Lily and Eden are here hanging out for a little bit this evening so they had a second supper of waffles. The girls are playing in the school room now, and I am thinking about watching a Hallmark movie-but I would have to get up so I am not too sure if that is what I am going to do.

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