October 17, 2021

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  • Some how I seem like the first one up most days around here-even on a Sunday. Now, Robby did get up right before me to take Bentley outside, but he as back sound asleep before I stopped hitting snooze and left the bed.
  • I took my shower and then went to wake up the kids. Robby was already working on this. It wasn't an easy task as all. The big boys and Keaton were the first awake. Poor Whitman was sound asleep though.
  • When Whitman did wake up, he dutifully went downstairs and put on his Sunday clothes. He has more Sunday clothes choices than anyone else...and every week he puts on the same green polo shirt. It is quite funny that he does this. It has been 3 weeks since he has been there so I didn't say anything.
  • We did church and Sunday school. The story was Noah's ark so we all made aluminum foil boats and put animals in it to see if it would sink. This, of course, was pretty messy-especially since I forgot a towel to wipe up the water. Thankfully nothing too major spilled so we were able to sclean our mess with paper towels.
  • After church we celebrated Pops' birthday. He bought himself bbq and even his own cake made. And that stinker cut a piece of his cake and started eating it before we had time to sing. You better believe that we put a candle on his half eaten piece of cake and sang to him. 
  • He opened presents, and we had time to play a bit of Jason's new trivial pursuit game. We have been playing one from Nonna's house that was printed in the 70s so there are few questions that the kids can answer. This game was a bit more current-though we still can't answer any questions.
  • Reagan and I had to leave for her soccer game. She drove there, and since we left a little bit later than I planned, we were a few minutes late. I was snoozing in the car during Reagan's warm ups when Pops banged on our car-scaring Keaton and me to death!
  • They came to watch Reagan's game. She played hard today and has really improved. Her team won by 2 or 3 points. After the game, we arrived home just as Campbell, Anderson and Graham were leaving to go to church tonight.
  • I unloaded all of the things from the day, worked on this next week's list and watched myself a Hallmark movie. It was a perfect afternoon-well, except for missing a Sunday afternoon nap! 
  • We had our weekly supper at the Wilson's house. They had a ton of breakfast foods-biscuits, eggs, sausage, potatoes, and bacon. Shannon even finished the theme with banana bread for dessert and brownies for the non banana bread eaters.
  • We headed home in time for us to get things ready for tomorrow. The girls planning on doing their school during bedtime!

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