October 6, 2021-Balloon Fiesta

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This morning I went to the bathroom around 4:30. I noticed that there was a bright light shining on Graham and assumed that we had forgotten to shut the blinds of one of the windows. After I climbed back into bed, Robby got up and went to the bathroom. He though discovered that our front door was wide open-I guess we didn't shut it well when we went to bed.

Back in bed, Robby was telling me this. He also said that he checked on all of the kids and they were still there. Then he added that he didn't look for Campbell. He continued saying that if she was sleep walking (which none of our people do) she would have woken up by the time she crawled over Reagan, climbed down off the bunk, and then shimmied between Anderson and Graham who was on the floor. 

Of course I couldn't go to sleep then. I had to get out of bed to make sure that she indeed was in her bed. She was and all was well. Then we did go back to sleep for the rest of the night. We probably lollygagged a little bit more than we should have today because we were under the impression that we had to be in the campground in Albequerque by 3 or they wouldn't let us in. We pulled in about 2:30 which was way too close for our comfort.

The kids had some time to play today this morning on the playground before we had to pull out. Robby made sure that we were fully charged, fully gassed with fully empty and clean tanks this morning. We are starting out on 3 nights of boondocking so that will be an experience for sure! Maybe we need solar in this rig.

We stopped a few times on our way here today. Once in Hatch, New Mexico for gas. While we were there, Graham, Campbell, Bentley and I got out of the car and walked around some. There were lots of large statues that we took some pictures by. I also contemplating trying a green chili chocolate shake but they were closed. We did continue walking towards the gas station where Robby was and walked by a few chili pepper shops. 

We then pressed on and tried to stop at the Albuquerque Costco for gas, but it was a bit crazy so we opted for Sam's Club across the street. It was pretty crazy too-as in Robby was still waiting for gas when I returned from buying bread in the store. It was a very tight turn after he did get the gas, so I had to stand on the curb and help. He didn't need my help though since he was able to turn without incident.

From there we were just 6 miles from our stop so after getting gas and making that turn, we were finally able to relax a little. We were expecting traffic and a difficult time getting parked today. However, it could not have gone more smoothly at all. We found our way perfectly. Then check in was so simple. There were men on golf carts who directed us and parked us. They knew what they were doing as in they tried to keep us level and knew we needed to be able to unhook the car. It couldn't have worked out better.

After we were parked, another rig came right beside us to park. We are about 10 feet apart-which normally wouldn't be great, but out on this gravel parking lot that means shade! They were our shade all afternoon which was perfectly wonderful. It was pretty breezy out so we were comfortable sitting in their shade by our front door.

We walked Bentley a few times while scoping out the lay of the land. We are about 200 feet from the gate so getting into the place will be super simple tomorrow. We paid a bit extra for this site and were prepared to pay even more since this was a bucket list event. However, when we snagged this lot, it was the only one available to us so we were thankful for it-and actually, we would stay here again for sure.

After quite a few walks and a good little bit of sitting outside, we headed out for supper. The Crafts had all recommended Sadie's so that is where we went. We had to wait a little bit, but not incredibly long. We were a wee bit disappointed-drinks weren't kept full plus our chips were never replenished. Now I will say that the salsa was so spicy we barely made a dent in it.

Now, all of our food was pretty good. Reagan did make fun of us all for all asking for something to not be on our meal (no onions, no tomatoes, no guac), but we made fun of her for ordering a hamburger at a Mexican restaurant. The meal ended with sopapillas...and they weren't exactly what I remember sopapillas being like. I am going to have to try some at home now.

On our way home, we wanted to see the folks so we drove to their hotel. We got out, walked to the lobby, looked around...and then realized that we were at the wrong hotel! Ha! We were just a few miles away, but we all had a good laugh about it. 

When we did make it to their hotel, they were all waiting to see us in the lobby. Nonna even had cookies to give us. I think that they are enjoying their trip. We didn't stay too long because we all have a very early morning. 

Currently in this camper, it is 10 and all of the people are in bed. Robby is about to call lights out in a few minutes, so this will be the earliest anyone has every gone to bed in this camper.

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