October 26, 2021

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  • Last night as we were about to put the kids into bed, Robby was taking Bentley out to potty and heard the neighbors chickens. I had completely forgotten about them, so we hurried over there to put them up for the night.
  • I did have one straggler that didn't go into the cage. I was super thankful to see him strutting around this morning when I went to let those chickens out for the last time.  I did enjoy my early morning chicken runs with Whitman though.
  • I had to wake everyone but Whitman up when we did come back home. Reagan and Anderson got themselves ready for school while the rest of us did our together work. Since Campbell had worked with Whitman last night, he didn't have too much work. Though he is multiplying 3 digits by 2 digits which takes him forever. I do let him skip quite a few as long as he keeps getting them correct.
  • Nonna and Pops took Graham, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman out for lunch at IHOP today. While they were gone, Robby took my phone to have the screen repaired. I stayed at home and did some work. I also ran to walk Annie for a minute.
  • Soon though Robby should have been home with my phone but they took longer than he thought, so I had to rush to meet him and the kids at Nonna's house because our next stop was the zoo. We went with some of our buddies.
  • It has been years since we have been to the Little Rock zoo. They are still trying to improve it-a leaf blower for the side walks would do it good. Despite the work needed, it was a perfect day to stroll around the zoo. 
  • There are about 3 different playgrounds that the kids enjoys stopping at. Since we have passes, I will definitely have to take everyone again soon.
  • We came home, and I finished up some school work and some packing before heading out again with Keaton. Tonight her basketball practice was everyone divided into teams to see how well they were evenly matched. Keaton said that she scored quite a few of her team's points, so I am not expecting a winning season.
  • After basketball, we came home to warm bbq sandwiches that Robby had made along with cheese dip. As soon as we ate and cleaned up, Robby and I headed out to pick up the Wilsons. They volunteered to come with us on our evening Walmart run.
  • We had a few things to return and a few things to pick up. Plus we had a pick up order that we also got. And we even walked around the store for a good long while. 
  • It was 10 when we did finally make it home. We unloaded the car and put away the groceries-some in the camper and some in the house. Then it was finally bedtime. While the kids were brushing their teeth, putting on pjs, getting water and pretty much doing everything but getting into bed, I emptied the dishwasher.
  • Today was a busy day, but tomorrow is a bit busier! Though I think that I would rather stay busy...maybe.

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