October 31, 2021-Halloween Campout!

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It was another great night of sleep-though I did have to go to the bathroom for the last few hours so my sleep could have been much more restful if I did just get up. Bentley slept in her kennel just fine this trip so I didn't have to worry about disturbing her at all.

I still slept well, and so did everyone else in our camper. I was teaching Sunday school this morning so I had to leave in time for Sunday school. However, I left early enough that I had a few minutes to get my room set up.

Reagan, Graham, Campbell and Keaton all decided to go to church. Now, I am not too sure why Keaton wanted to go since she usually isn't too crazy about all of the behavior disruptions in her Sunday school class. Campbell wanted to go because I let her go and help with my little first graders. 

As soon as Sunday school was over, we hurried back to our campsite. I kind of like camping right in the middle of our city. It is like we don't really miss anything at all-need to go to church, okay, need to go to a party, okay, need to go to soccer, okay. Now, that all makes camping probably not nearly as relaxing as it could be.

The Wilsons were already back from their church and were waiting on supper. Robby was starting to cook everything when we arrived. He made his famous messy nachos. They aren't pretty, but they were filling. I really think that most things do taste better when they are eaten outside.

After we finished eating, we started on breaking down camp. That is one of the saddest things to do-well, I am sure that isn't that saddest thing to do, but it is no fun. We worked and worked. We had done quite a few things last night and Robby had worked on the inside while we were at church, so we didn't have a ton of things to do.

I worked forever on those silly hammocks. They kind of make me crazy because they are almost impossibly to get back in the bags. I don't know why they can't make the bags just a wee bit larger so you don't have to struggle to get them loaded back up in that tiny bag. Everyone was very willing to help today which of course made things go faster.

I left the campground first in the van with the big 4. They all had activities tonight so they needed showers. Reagan and Graham headed to the showers first while Campbell and Anderson helped me unload the car. Unloading the car was fairly easy since most things fell out of the trunk when I opened it. 

The kids helped me, and we had just finished unloading just as Robby pulled in. By this time, Campbell and Anderson went to take their showers while Keaton and Whitman did 4 trips for me. Within 30 minutes, the camper was pretty emptied.

I then walked back into the house to work in there some when I discovered that the kids had gotten a bit off track and had filled the living room floor with candy. Seriously, they had gotten ready and had begun the candy trading which is their favorite part of Halloween and Easter and pretty much anytime they get a load of candy.

Soon we all left for to trick or treat at Nonna's house and Grannymom's house. The kids were happy to go and get a few more pieces of candy and see their grandparents. After leaving their houses, we dropped off Anderson, Graham and Campbell at Rock Creek. Then we dropped Reagan off at a friend's house to go trick or treating.

It was back home for a little bit-we had time to work for a while before heading to the Wilson's house for supper. First Robby had to go and pick Reagan up-she only collected half a bag of candy which we kind of laughable after our massive haul last night. 

Shannon had made chicken spaghetti for supper tonight. As soon as we were finished eating, the boys and Campbell came back from church. Robby and Reagan came in. The girls and Whitman worked on a haunted gingerbread house for a little bit before we came home.

Once at home, Robby and I did some veterinarian work. The last time we went to the vet, I mentioned Bentley's ear. The vet tried to look in it, but Bentley showed him her teeth. So he said that the next step would be to sedate her and put the meds (2 doses 2 weeks apart) in her ear there or we could try at home. Well, I decided to try.

Of course that didn't go well at all. She snaps at us. I don't think she would ever hurt us, but she does have sharp teeth and not good aim so a muzzle was bought. Tonight we put the muzzle on her which she tolerated fine.

Though when she figured out what we were going to do, she became a crazy dog. We tried to talk and reason with her, but alas she is a dog. Robby tried to lay on top of her, I would try to hold her, we had just about tried everything that we could and were able to give up when we finally had success.

It was pitiful though. Robby was just holding her half way on the couch, and she was just crying with her paw on her muzzle trying to get it off when she was still. This meant that I then had to put the syringe in her eat and slow squeeze out 1.5 ml of sticky ear medicine in her ear. 

When we finished, I laid in the floor, and Robby had to sit in the hallway. We were both emotional and physically spent. Of course Campbell, Reagan and Keaton were in the next room a nervous wreck the entire time. It was traumatic for us, however, Bentley recovered much better than us. We gave her some peanut butter, and she forgave us and hasn't seemed to hold a grudge. Now, if she tears us to pieces tonight, yall will know why.

At bedtime tonight, Graham and Anderson were watching the last few seconds of a Cowboys game when Keaton started looking at Anderson's Disney pins. Soon I had looked at Anderson's pins, Keaton's, Campbell's and Reagan's pins. I think that it is so fun that they all love pin trading so much. 

It is nearly midnight now-I became distracted with my 19 loads of laundry plus a you tube video tonight so I am a bit behind. However tomorrow and half of this week, we have a slow week so maybe I can accomplish a few things from my list. 

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