October 30, 2021-Halloween Campout!

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Oh, my goodness what a fun day! I usually don't really look forward to Halloween, but today was just a great day. It is nearing midnight, and I have just set down to start on the blog. Let's see, we all slept great again. 

Now, Keaton does talk out loud in her sleep occasionally. Sometimes it seems like she is just talking and other times she seems distressed. That is what it has been the last two nights. Robby usually gets up to check on her, but she is sound asleep and seems fine. 

It was about 9 when I started stirring. I felt for Robby, but he was gone. By the time that I did sit up in the bed, Robby and Bentley returned from a morning walk. He said that he had to wake Bentley up. It didn't take me long to tell what had woken Robby up-it sounded like 30 kids were playing behind our camper on our hammocks. It probably wasn't 30, but nearly that amount.

As soon as Robby opened the door, I saw Whitman roll out of his bed. He walked to Robby, and then within a few seconds went outside. Robby said that he didn't think he knew where he was just yet-he just knew that he wanted to be outside with all of the others kids playing.

He has done really well. Whitman enjoys playing some with the other kids. Then he will occasionally need a break and will go back to the camper for some downtime. Tonight though he was in his element-he has been waiting for this day for weeks.

It didn't take us long this morning to realize that this was going to be a big night. People were decorating left and right. Blow ups, skeletons, graveyards, even haunted houses. I really have seen nothing like it. On each walk we took today, we could tell that things were more decorated, and there were more people in the campground.

Tony and Shannon came down around 10. We started to work on our breakfasts. There were hash browns, potato cakes, bacon, egg in the holes, sausage, and biscuits. Using the oven is always taking a chance, but the biscuits were a success. Robby has to light it for me. Then we have a pizza stone in the bottom of it. Plus we then use two cookie sheets lined with aluminum foil. The oven has a tendency to burn, but today those biscuits were just perfect. I could actually eat one now to counteract all of the chocolate that I stood around and ate tonight.

Soon after we finished cleaning up from breakfast. Grannymom and Grandpa arrived to see all of the decorations at the campsite. They were here when the kids began decorating their pumpkins. Brett had a pumpkin that Anderson and Reagan helped with. Graham did one on his own, and Campbell did as well. Keaton and Whitman both did one by their selves, but they each chose a small one to do. Everyone did really good and enjoyed carving the pumpkins.  

After all of that was cleaned up, we took more walks. The kids did got down to play a game of kickball with everyone. Robby and I were headed down that way when we discovered that my potatoes in my potato soup were not as soft as we would like it. 

I ran to the kickball field for a little bit to take a load of people. While I was gone, Robby went into chef MacGyver mode. He had divided the soup up into a manageable size and put in my only microwavable cups to heat in the microwave. By the time that I returned, he was finishing with the heating up. By this time the potatoes were much better, and we added the last bit of ingredients.

Supper was early tonight-supper for 40 people always has to be early. We had a chicken tortilla soup, two chilis, my potato soup, cornbread muffins, fritos, crackers, cheese, sour cream, tortilla chips, and even onions. Only one crockpot of chili was finished off. Everything else had some leftovers. Later in the evening, we also had apple cider. 

Right after supper, we went on a walk with Annie, in her Razorback jersey, and Bentley, in her candy corn dress. We felt like we were a parade. Everyone was talking to us and commenting on them. They were given at least 5 doggie treats too! And Bentley-I think that she loved all of the attention. 

When we returned it was time to take a group kid picture. I am not too sure how many folks were trick or treating with us tonight. Brett, Anderson and Graham had gone to a hobo party at church. When the picture was over, the kids took off.

I stayed back to pass out our candy with Shannon, Jodee, Wes and Tony. The rest of the parents and kids went to find some candy. After about 40 minutes, Robby called to say that I needed to get all of the Walmart bags out because everyone's bags were full, and they were coming to drop off some candy before going out again.

When Campbell came walking up her hands were completely full of candy and little bags of candy. Robby was near her, and his hands were just as full. I had never seen anything like it. They all dumped their candy, and my crew put their candy on their beds. 

Most of the folks headed out again and when they returned right at 8:30, they had a total of 2 Walmart bags full of candy. I had made bags of candy for our folks. The others mothers had candy to pass out. Shannon made around 130 bags of candy and had one left over. They think that we didn't have as many trick or treaters though because our loop is a little bit hidden. 

Of course there was candy trading when the trick or treating was over. Poor Bentley couldn't stay awake to trade because she was exhausted from that long walk. She walked all over this campsite-every loop. Now Campbell did collect at least 4 bags of treats for her. 

Tonight was cooler, so we stayed huddled around the fire. Brett and my big boys came in from their party. They were glad to see that we had collected some candy for them as well. We had a lot of pickup tonight. It was already 10 so most everyone was inside. Campbell even came outside to ask if they could help. We told her to just get ready for bed since they were all exhausted.

Robby and I picked up around the campsite and put as many things away as we could. Then we had to wake sleeping Bentley up for her last walk of the day. When we did come back, all of the kids were pajamaed up and in their beds for the night. They had to work at this a little bit to get all of the bedding out. 

We let them stay up a little bit. Robby and I cleaned some in the camper before we finally did settle in for the night. I still have my shower to take, but we all should be asleep by 1.

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