October 25, 2021

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  • I think that this is Monday-Robby was confused a bit ago about what day it was. I am still trying to mark things off of my list, so it must be a Monday for sure. 
  • Whitman was one of the first ones awake this morning. I was glad because he was able to join me in my walk down to take care of the chickens. As soon as we finished that, I hurried on home to start working on my laundry and dishes before waking up everyone else up.
  • We did our work together things. Then I started working with everyone. Some folks took forever today and some did not. Now, I hate to name names, but Whitman and Reagan were my forever folks today. Reagan had an essay to write this afternoon while Whitman was in slow motion today.
  • I ran to run to the vet at 2:30 for Bentley's shot. The shot was completely easy, but then I asked about her ear. That wasn't so easy-she was a very naughty dog and did try to bite the vet. She does not like anyone looking in her ear.
  • He said that we could make an appointment and bring her back for them to sedate her to put medicine in her ear. He then said that I could buy the medicine and try to put it in myself. So that is what we are going to try-fingers crossed. He suggested benedryl which we did give the dog during her supper. 
  • I am not sure that the benedryl is working though since she isn't sleepy. Actually, she just finished running circles around me. I guess benedryl has the opposite effect on our usually sleepy dog. Anyway, wish us luck tonight as we attempt to fill her ear with medicine.
  • I did some loading of food in the camper for next weekend. We continue to change up different ways that we store things in the camper. I might just have more things in that camper than I do in this house.
  • We puled out tons of leftovers for supper and even cleaned out the fridge some. We still have a ton of leftovers-I am just not sure where they are coming from. 
  • Next up I picked out pictures for the month and watched a Hallmark movie before bedtime.

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