October 12, 2021

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  • I am not sure if I wrote about this or not, but on our trip Bentley decided that she would prefer to sleep in the bed with Robby and I each night. Well, that will work on a trip, but that isn't how we roll at home. So Sunday night, Bentley went to bed just fine, but when she woke up in the middle of the night and realized where she was, she was not happy at all! She was actually so unhappy that Robby went to the bonus room to sleep-I guess I was tired because I slept well despite her occasionally barking.
  • Now last night, she again went to bed fine. And like the night before she again woke up a little upset with us that she was in her kennel. After a few barks though she did calm down and go back to sleep. 
  • I was the first one out of bed this morning. I didn't have that long to do my dishes, Bentley grooming and laundry before starting school. Reagan drove her and Anderson to school today-I guess she feels pretty comfortable doing that. I try to stay busy when she is driving, and mornings are definitely busy.
  • I was hoping that Whitman would get a little bit more school finished today. However, he did enough-if we didn't have Bible study tomorrow and had more time at home, then I would be tickled with how much he accomplished. Bible study does throw a wrench in things. However though I know it is the most important. I have to continually remind myself that tomorrow!
  • I was able to finish school plus be a bit productive today-Robby and I even fixed the carpet in the bonus room that Bentley destroyed. While we were working on that Campbell, Keaton and Reagan went outside and shot some bows and arrows.
  • Graham spent most of the day waiting on an xbox game to load. I tried to explain to him that is what we had to do when we were getting an email years ago-just stare at the screen and wait for things to load.
  • Robby and I sat in the garage in lawnchairs for a long while today watching the rain-like old folks. I even had a blanket that I was covered up with,  We then had our supper-soft tacos. It was a good bit of work when I cooked 10+ pounds of meat the other day and froze them, however I was super thankfully that we did that today. It made supper so easy tonight.
  • After supper, Robby and I went to the Wilsons for a little bit. Then we came home to finish our Hallmark movie. 

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