October 11, 2021

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  • Monday school morning after a week off on vacation-I sure wasn't expecting it to go well at all. Thankfully, the day couldn't really have gone any better. Now I was still sitting in the floor of my room at 3:45 this afternoon working on school work with people, but everyone was in a decent mood so I sure can't complain.
  • No one did any school work last week. I had brought things for the younger 4 but never made them pull it out. And Reagan and Anderson did a tiny bit just to stay afloat, but basically they had a weeks worth of work to do today. Joy!
  • People remembered how to do their math-Graham is actually enjoying his math right now. Reagan is doing fine on her algebra right now as well. It is a lot harder than our last curriculum, but it does show you how to do things step by step which is good.
  • When my school work was finally over, I started to work on reloading the camper. Since we had washed everything, it took 3 laundry baskets plus a few more loads to get all of our bedding and now clean things back inside of it. I can be ready to leave tomorrow if anyone wants to ask us to go somewhere.
  • If took us about an hour to make beds and put things away for next time. Robby just joked maybe it was all too much work to go camping. Definitely not. I would hit the road tomorrow if we could convince the kids. Anderson is pretty adamant that he does not want to live in the camper. And really, if we were to live in the camper we would have to always be someplace that has nice weather because that thing is too small for us all to be inside for a long period of time.
  • We had bbq for supper-it was one of our meals that we didn't use this week while on the road. We had a few meals like that.
  • The Wilsons came over for some ice cream. They stayed and visited for a while as well. When they did leave, we watched some of a Hallmark movie on the tv. I am going to set a goal to watch 100 next year-everyone needs a hobby.

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