October 4, 2021-Balloon Fiesta

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Yesterday I had my computer with me most of the day long so as we were driving down the road, I was able to do some blogging. Today however, I didn't want to bring it on our first leg of the journey so I am a bit behind. Right now I am trying to catch up and am sitting in the way back of the camper on our bed as we are driving to Carlsbad. It is pretty bumpy back here so I am not too sure how long I can last without having to move up to the front.

We began our morning with sausage biscuits for some folks and yogurt for other folks as we were all getting ready. We didn't leave too early, but did pull out of the campground in the minivan when we had wanted to leave. I really don't even remember what time that was though!

We drove about an hour to Roswell, New Mexico on a hunt for aliens. Instead we found the whole town of Roswell and probably the folks from most neighboring towns. The gps diverted us down another road, and we looked down a block and could see a parade happening.

Where we needed to go was across that street so we just parked and got out to watch the parade. And what a parade it was. It went on and on-Campbell, Keaton and Whitman loved watching it and they really enjoyed the people throwing out candy. Some of it was Mexican candy which caused a stir so we had to remind the folks where exactly we are-pretty close to Mexico. 

Pretty much everyone in the town was in the parade or watching the parade. There were a lot of people there. The parade had been going on a while when we arrived, and it was still happening as we left after going to a museum. 

The museum that we went to was the International UFO Museum. It was dated, but pretty interesting. I am not a ufo believer, but something must have happened in Roswell those many years ago. There were a few exhibits that were really pretty interesting. Though must of my folks really enjoyed the gift shop too!

We fought the parade traffic and made it to Sonic after we finished the museum. The parade was to celebrate the first day of the fair so fittingly at Sonic Robby bought us fair food to enjoy along with our slushies-onion rings, tater tots and mozzarella sticks. 

The ride back to the campground didn't take too long-it always seems to be shorter coming back. On the way, I did drive some so Robby could do some work. We did stop once for ice as well. When we made it back to the campground, we did immediately start working. 

We were only there for a little bit before we left again in the camper. So we had to unhook outside, move ice chests, move our chairs and table. We left in the camper because we were going to be gone for over 5 hours and didn't want to leave Bentley that long. It worked out well though because we were able to get gas, take our time, have our jackets and make our lunch on the road. 

We drove to Guadalupe Mountains National Park-Robby and I had been here before and don't really remember it. The mountains were pretty and the scenery is different. The park ranger left something to be desired. Customer service is just such an important thing and that didn't happen there.

However, we still had a good time-the kids earned 3 badges, we bought a sticker for the camper and we went on a hike. This was just a short hike but pets were allowed so pulled Bentley out of the camper and set off. The hike was interesting to see all of the different plants, but gracious our grass and trees are my preference. 

When we finished the hike, we drove back to Carlsbad for the bat program. Robby and I have never done this and were quite excited about it. And it far exceeded our expectations. I hope that we nailed the point home with the kids that despite meeting two different people in the same job, their attitudes were completely different which effected everyone around them.

The ranger tonight during the bat program was funny and informative. We really didn't know so many things about bats. You sit at the natural entrance of the cave and wait while he talks about bats. You wait until the 500,000 or so bats start flying out at dusk. If you cupped your hands behind your ears you could hear the bats, and eventually you could smell the bats (a sweet musky smell.) It was all so interesting.

After leaving the bat program, we went to the parking lot and cooked ourselves some supper. We turned on the generator and I plugged in the instant pot to cook some chicken nuggets as we drove down the hill. I was able to successfully pass out drinks, chips and chicken nugget filled sandwhiches with their choice of sauce for everyone without spilling much. That was a good thing since Graham spilled a good bit of Bentley's dog food-in my bed. He had cleaned up most of it by the time I started to work on it. No telling how many pieces we will find when we lay down tonight.

After supper, we headed to Walmart for a bit. I needed more tortillas and tortilla chips while Robby needed nails and flex tape. There were also some shelves I bought for my nightstand area. Reagan picked out a halloween costume while we picked out ice cream for all of the kids to have as a snack tonight.

Then it was to the campground where we had to back the camper into our spot. Robby did it without a problem thankfully. It was late by this time plus there were folks outside watching us I am sure. We worked pretty fast and furiously trying to get everything that was outside put away.

Then we moved on to the things that were inside along with finding all of the dirty laundry. Robby and Campbell took the laundry along with a bag of trash. They were back in time for us to have ice cream and do some repairs on our dinette table. 

When the clothes were out of the washer, Robby and I along with all the kids but Reagan went to the rec room while the clothes were in the dryer. Pretty much the kids and I played the 4 person ping pong the entire time. It was a lot of fun, and before we knew it, the laundry was ready. We folded it there and then came back to the camper.

By this time, it was midnight and Reagan and Bentley were curled up in my bed sound asleep themselves. We put away the laundry, made beds, tried to straighten and then called it a night!

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