October 8, 2021-Balloon Fiesta

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Last night when we went to bed we weren't too sure if we were going to pull out today or if we were going to stay for our other paid day. At the last minute, Robby did decide that we should just stay and enjoy a lazy day.

Well, our lazy day started this morning a bit before 7 when we started waking up the kids asking if they wanted to go into the balloon festival with us. We only had a few takers-Keaton, Campbell and Graham. As we were walking to the gates, we saw the balloon raising with the flag on it. After the cheer of people, we could tell that there were a lot more people today than yesterday.

We shuffled through the crowds, finding a few trading cards for Keaton. We eventually walked all of the way across the field and turned to look at the balloons. We decided that today they had even more balloons take off, or we were at a better vantage point. It was certainly beautiful.

Robby bid in a few things at a silent auction where we also found some doughnuts and hot chocolate. Afterwards, we moseyed on through the crowd again enjoying the atmosphere. We finally headed back to the camper. 

Today the balloons were flying all around our campsite. It was definitely neat to see. Robby climbed on the roof of the camper and was joined by a few kids. Campbell and I saw a balloon landing in our lot so we followed it.

Soon Keaton and Whitman arrived. They balloon people had all of the kids help with the balloon as the put it in the basket. Whitman ate this up! Another balloon landed nearby and Robby and Campbell were able to help put that one back in the bag. These balloon people have all been so nice (for the most part.)

After most of the balloons landed we just kind of hung out outside of the camper for a little bit. Anderson did some school while Robby did some work. I eventually went in to clean up a little bit. Near 11, we pulled out some food, and Robby started making our brunch.

We had eggs in the hole along with pancakes, sausage and juice. It was all super yummy. After we ate and cleaned up, we waked back to the balloon field. I had assumed that not too much would be going on down on the field in the afternoon-I was wrong. Lots of the balloon people were there with their tents set up eating their lunches. They all seemed to be having a big time.

We walked all the way across the field-probably about a half of a mile-to the RV Life tent where Robby had bid on some things. We waited until the auction was up and Robby even had time to make a few more bids. We did leave with a Snickers Nascar Jacket that Anderson plans to sell along with a double lawnchair. We already have one double lawn chair, but since Bentley takes one of the spots another one would come in handy.

The kids played frisbee on the way back to the camper. After grabbing Bentley and the ice chests, we drive up to Santa Fe to see the sights. The first stop was chocolate from a chocolate store. Then Robby and the boys went into the Loretto Chapel where there is an unsupported spiral staircase. The girls and I walked around some outside shops. Reagan loved everything that she saw, but she was disgusted with the high prices.

After a walk around the block, we did drive back to the camper. We pulled out cans of soup and chef boy r dee for supper-you would have thought that the kids hit the jackpot. I guess everyone enjoyed it because it was something completely different than we usually do. Reagan asked that we eat soup more often-I told her that we certainly would once the weather was a little bit warmer.

When supper was cleaned up, we bought more tickets to see tonight's balloon festivities and went through the gates. It was quite a bit more windy, but that didn't stop the kids from playing frisbee and football for a little bit. Robby brought in his new chair so we sat and watched.

After a while, we realized that most of the balloons were not blowing up. Many of the baskets were set up and the pilots were pulling the levers to burn their propane. Campbell, Keaton and Whitman spent some time running under a tarp again tonight.

We also started talking to a balloon pilot, and he told us all about learning to be a pilot-he was really trying to convince Anderson to become on. He went through how much a balloon costs, how much training is, how much insurance is and then how much he could make on each flight. He then asked Anderson if he is interested, to which Anderson replied that he liked his feet on the ground. (However he did climb on top of the camper sometime today which is a big deal because he is certainly not a fan of heights.)

The next stop for Whitman was asking a man if he could help hold the rope to the balloon. Now, the wind was blowing and the man was struggling to hold that rope. I had already prepared Whitman for a no answer. He had even tried to ask someone last night, but the man didn't hear him. Tonight though the man that Whitman asked surprisingly said that he could help him. So there Whitman pulled and tugged on that rope for at least 5 minutes until they brought the balloon down due to the winds. 

This made Whitman's night-heck, it probably made the trip for him. He will remember that forever and could not have been any happier! Next was the skydivers which we watched. Afterwards, were the fireworks which began pretty quickly. We hurried back to the camper so we could watch from our comfy chairs/the roof of the camper/and way in the back of the parking lot. 

Then we all came in for some cookie dough before everyone bedded down for the evening. It was another great day.

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