December 13, 2020-South Carolina Road Trip-Day 4 and Happy 14th Birthday Anderson!

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After talking up how well I slept during the night and how often Robby was up in the night, I didn't sleep as well last night. Now, I still slept wonderfully, and no one was moving quickly in this camper at 8 so everyone did sleep very well.

Keaton had bought Anderson a box of candy for his birthday, plus the birthday banner was hung in the middle of the night, so he woke up ready to celebrate his birthday. There have been a few jokes about Kyle all day long-last night Robby was telling about the day, when he said that tomorrow was a very important day. He continued with talking about the birth of our firstborn son-when Graham shouted out, "and his name is Kyle." There were a few jokes about him coming in the camper and the comments have continued all day long about Kyle and his birthday today.

At home each morning, most everyone has poptarts so I brought zillions of them. Plus I did bring some chocolate covered dougnuts-well, the doughnuts are gone, but the poptarts are so full that they were now spilling out of my cabinets. We tried to buy more chocolate doughnuts at Sams today, but thankfully they were out so maybe folks will eat my poptarts.

Robby said that he took his time unhooking and washing out today. That gave me plenty of time to get things organized inside which seems to be a never ending task. Seriously, once you get things neat, then someone comes in with their shoes on with something in their hand that they don't put up. 

Soon we were on the road. We were a bit stressed because today was our first stop at a Walmart in the rig pulling the car. We had done our research and had looked at google maps to plan out our parking lot route. But we were still a bit uneasy! 53 feet is long!

We drove right to the Walmart/Sams which was about an hour away. Robby had to make a loop to pull in and get gas. There was some concern if his gas pump would work because the people in front of us didn't know how to use the pump. It worked so that was good. 

Then we did have to make one circle through the parking lot to find where we wanted to park. With just the camper, we take up 2 spots, with the camper and car we take up 17 spots. Not really, but it felt like it.

Seriously, we did perfectly find a spot and things went well. We first ran into Walmart for Anderson to pick out his birthday cake. We also found a few other things-shampoo for Reagan, a mini sandwich press for me and the camper, a box of candy for Campbell's birthday from Keaton, klenex for the front of the car, cupcakes for the non red velvet cake eaters, 2 liters for us, Minecraft cereal for Whitman which he just had to have. 

I ran back to the camper on the other side of the parking lot with Keaton. Robby sent Graham too to make sure we were protected. Then we met the others in Sams. In Sams we found some pants for Robby (maybe for Christmas if I can keep him from them), ice cream (because we forgot it at Sam's) and a case of water (because my kids don't like to drink from the sink in the camper-wierdos, especially since Robby has cleaned it out before we ever started using it-and its cleaner than the sinks at home, I'm sure.)

Once we left the Sams, we had about a 20 minute drive. Now Robby had read that one person wrote out a route to go because they had difficulty with low tree limbs. So we carefully followed that route and didn't have any problem at all. 

We soon entered the James Island County Park Campground. This is a huge county park smaller but similar to Burn's Park. We drove and drove through it until we reached the campground. We checked in and soon pulled over to take the car off. Robby had that off in no time at all so I then followed him to our site.

At our site, we had to unhook the trailer which also wasn't a problem....until I saw people coming. I started urging Robby to hurry-now, he was laying on his back under the bikes unhooking the camper so he couldn't really hurry much. It was all fine because the other camper just drove on around us without a problem.

We did figure out that he needs a yoga mat to lay on when he does have to unhook and rehook the trailer. That would be easy to roll up and clean off. Then we backed this baby up. I made Campbell stand by one tree, Anderson by one picnic table and me by the other picnic table. Once Robby cleared my picnic table, I moved on to stand by a tree. 

He did great backing up-he backs up like a drunk, but he makes it work and we were parked perfectly and level in no time at all. We hooked up, put the slides out and pulled out the lunch options and had our first meat outside. 

By this time, the camper air was on full blast, and I opened a cabinet so my bread wouldn't get too hot. (We have heard that if you store your bread in a top cabinet, it will get hotter and will go bad quicker. So we started out with the bread in the oven, but then we used the oven so I moved it since it wasn't that warm.) The weather was probably 75 today but fairly warm in the sun, however in the shade it felt cooler. Plus once the sun started to go down, it really did cool off.

The kids always jump on their bikes as soon as they are off the back of the camper. They all rode around and got the lay of the land. The highlight is always checking out the bathhouse. We have plenty of water here plus we have good water pressure and our water is hot so there is no need to take a shower anywhere else. But Campbell and Keaton do enjoy showering in the bathhouse if they deem it clean enough-there are so that is where they showered tonight while Robby was in the next bathroom shaving. 

Robby likes a bit more room when shaving-like room enough to lift your arms. We laughed today about us laughing at the people on the rv shows trying out the bathroom. We thought that was funny before we had a camper, now that would be the first thing that we would do. I also have decided that it is a good measurement of when you need to lose weight-if you touch both sides of the shower then it is time to go on a diet. It is handy because I can go to the bathroom while putting on my make up and brushing my teeth in the mornings. 

Anyways, back to this evening-after lunch we walked some around this park. We walked to the playground and walked about half of a 1.6 mile trail. There are 3 trails in this park that I would like to walk, but we probably won't have time-hopefully we can walk by the one around the lake. The kids rode their bikes on the trails and were as happy as they could be.

When we came back to the camper, we loaded up in the car to go to Folly Beach to watch the sunset. We knew fairly quickly that there would be no sunset today-the fog! It rolled in quickly and covered everything-it was like a Sherlock Holmes movie. 

We still drove to the beach and looked at an overlook just to see-yep, it was indeed still foggy. Robby and I had a good laugh about us going to the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland and seeing it-in the total fog. We couldn't see anything! The beach was like that today too!

We did find a pizza stop in the town to eat at-Woody's Pizza and Pub. They were only seating people outside and we were the only ones there at first so we didn't have a problem finding a table. Anderson wanted pepperoni and cheese sticks so that is what we got.

The cheese sticks were really good. We also had a white pizza with spinach and tomatoes which was delicious. There was plenty of bacon, sausage and pepperoni for the others though. They also bring out honey for you to dip your crust in so I really could have just eaten the kids' crusts and honey and been completely happy.

This park has a light show similar but larger than the Sherwood forest one at home. This one was massive! It was free to us since we were staying here so we headed on the loop to see the lights. It went on and on for a very long time-they had some really cool light displays. 

We actually had to drive the loop one and a half times since our campground was in the middle, and we had to get back to it. Once back, we unloaded the car and headed in. Campbell and Keaton took their showers while other folks changed into their pajamas.

We eventually did sing and light a candle for Anderson (he did not want us doing it anytime except for tonight in the camper.) I think that Anderson did have a pretty great 14th birthday. His red velvet cake was tasty and the ice cream was cold (not frozen solid, but we were just glad that ice cream from Sams fit into our freezer at all.)

After cake, we had some downtime while I worked on the blog. Tomorrow we plan to wake up a bit earlier since there is lots to see and do!

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