December 31, 2021

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  • It was certainly a nice day today-we didn't do much of anything. Well, Robby and I stopped at Grannymom's house this morning to drop of kolaches for her and Grandpa. Then we ran to Kroger for him to fill the camper up with gas.
  • He got all of the gas that he could at Kroger and then went to Costco while I ran around Kroger picking up a few things that we needed. We also went into Costco for a few minutes and found a few more things that we needed.
  • When we came home, he started working on the camper, and I headed out with Graham, Campbell and Keaton to Nonna and Pops' house to drop off their kolaches. 
  • After visiting there for a little bit, I came home and started folding laundry which seemed to take forever. Kennedy arrived and soon Reagan and Kennedy were heading out.
  • They did ask to go to Barnes and Noble which was a new driving spot for Reagan. On the way, Robby had them go by Grannmymom's house to drop some things off. They then went to the Promanade and on the way home, Robby had them stop and get ice. 
  • Some how the afternoon did get away from us, and we were just finishing working in the camper when it was time to start getting ready for tonight. 
  • We were a bit later than we planned, but made it to the Crafts in plenty of time to ring in the near year. (We arrived at about 5:30) We hung out outside by the fire, and it was just a perfect evening. 
  • The big 4 (Graham, Anderson, Reagan and Kennedy) drove home after our supper tonight. We had hot dogs and hamburgers along with quite a few desserts. 
  • The kids all played and played very well together which gave plenty of time for the adults the sit around and chat. We stayed and rang in the New Year with NYC. Then we packed up and headed for the house. 
  • We were able to watch the ball drop at home, and then I did run around the house asking the kids to quickly think up New Year's Resolutions.

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