January 31, 2022

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  • When we went to bed last night, I told Robby that I really didn't mind Mondays. All of my people are here all day long so of course that makes me happy. However, when I was still sitting in the floor of my room at 2 this afternoon working with people, I debated changing my mind about not really minding Mondays.
  • It took a little bit of time to wake all of my people up. When we finally started working together, I had to keep saying Reagan's name to make sure that she stayed awake. Reading all of our morning books together just makes me happy-after today's library trip, I have a whole host of new books.
  • We worked most of the day long, when I finally finished with my piles of books, it was time to head to the library. This month I have my own driver-Anderson. He has to take his test in March so we have to hit it hard.
  • Here is my assessment on his drive to the library-he did great. Seriously, he really did good despite his nerves. Now, he even parked twice for me at the library and did great both times. (If you remember poor Reagan couldn't park to save her soul-still can't!)
  • Back at home, I cleaned out underneath the bar. It is still packed full of stuff, but at least when you open the doors things don't fall on your feet. Afterwards, it was treadmill time for me.
  • Campbell and I made our easy version of a chicken pot pie-this time with ham instead of chicken. We also made homemade french fries in the air fryer for the other part of supper. Campbell, Keaton, Graham and I played a few games while our supper was cooking. 
  • When supper was finally made of course I had some no eaters-so it was pizza for Whitman and Anderson and rice for Keaton. We even had to call Anderson and Graham back into the house to eat because they were out playing basketball.
  • Reagan had her Dgroup tonight. I think that she was hungry when she came home. However, she had her own, real, chicken pot pie for a late lunch so I don't think that it what she had for supper.
  • Currently, Robby and I are watching a movie while I am working on the blog. And maybe, just maybe there will be a desert tonight!

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