April 1, 2022-Happy 9th Birthday (party) Whitman!

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  • Sometimes I think that we work hard and do a week of school in 4 days so we can have Fridays off because we like to have a slow day, but really, we do all of that so I can catch up and get things done that I haven't really finished throughout the week. 
  • Today, the first order of business was letting out the neighbors chickens. Then it was dishes and laundry followed by some cleaning. I really did dust, but by the time that I was finished, I think that dust settled back on some of the places that I dusted.
  • Anderson and Reagan had some school work today that we had to work on. They both have more to do tomorrow. Reagan headed off to work at 1 today-she enjoyed it more today and felt a bit more confident about what she was doing.
  • This afternoon when I was laying in the boys' bedroom floor chatting with them, I realized that I was a pretty good staller. I had cleaned most of the bathrooms but somehow ended in their room. I eventually finished our conversation and went to work.
  • Let's talk about my kiddos-Campbell and Keaton worked super hard today getting things ready for the party. They helped gather things for games, write things out, make brownies, hang decorations. They worked so hard. 
  • And tonight during Whitman's party, all my kiddos helped. Anderson and Graham helped with games and helped corral the kids at the end. Of course, Campbell was invaluable. Reagan was even super helpful chatting up the kids.
  • Keaton wasn't at the party because she was spending the night at a friend's house for her birthday party. I took her around 5 and picked up one of Whitman's sweet little friends. Then there wasn't too much time before his party started.
  • Whitman had 4 friends here-Owen, Ryan, Michael and Eli. They jumped on the trampoline and played gaga ball while we waited on Robby to return for pizza. All the grandparents and Jason arrived as well. 
  • Then the games started-pin the MandM logo on the candy picture, guess the number of candy in the jar and bingo all before we ate pizza. Then there were more games  afterwards-opening candy while wearing gloves, candy jenga. 
  • Then it was finally time for cupcakes-we had to work hard to find those cupcakes since Sams didn't have vanilla batter, and Sams is my cupcake go to. After the candles, there was throw the candy in the bucket and shoot the cup. We ended outside with the flour game, and then I just let the kids run wild since by that time their dads had all arrived to pick them up. 
  • The clean up was minimal for sure tonight so things are mostly back to normal in the house-well, there is about 50 pounds of jenga blocks that I still have to put back up, but I'll need something to do tomorrow.

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