April 10, 2022-Hot Springs National Park

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This is one Sunday when we didn't take an afternoon nap-we probably didn't need one since we were all sleeping until 10 or possibly later this morning. When you make breakfast when camping and Reagan is even awake, you know that you have slept a long time.

As soon as we did get up, we started migrating outside to work on breakfast. Most of our breakfast was uneventful-bacon, sausage, pancakes. We had biscuits, hashbrowns and eggs, but we opted not to make everything. 

Robby was still cooking as a strong wind came. I jokingly grabbed a hold of the tent since it had already rolled down the hill once this camping trip. Soon after another strong wind came, but this time Anderson, Graham, Robby and I were all holding the tent.

Robby had staked it down good the other day. Stakes, strings and weights. Those tent poles weren't going anywhere-but somehow that tent still collapsed. It was like we were in a mini tornado-there were breakfast dishes and pancakes all over the campsite.

We thought the tent had been salvageable, but after that we knew it wasn't. Actually, it wouldn't even stand after that wind storm-well, it did stand for a good while only with Anderson holding up one pole of it. We took that thing down so it couldn't blow anymore. 

That is two tents in two camping seasons-one destroyed by water and one destroyed by wind. Oh, well. Really, losing a tent should be the least of your worries....we lazily packed everything up today. As the boys and Robby were behind the camper putting the bikes on the rack, I was walking out the camper door.

The wind wasn't blowing but I heard the sound before I saw it-a tree falling. I thought it was just a big branch. I knew it was bad since Keaton said when she heard the sound she looked out the window and saw me with my hands over my mouth. People took off from all places in the campsite running that directions.

Thank God no one was hurt. One camper had a 3 inch branch on it but didn't look too bad. I wasn't able to see the two trucks that the tree hit very well, but one front end was messed up and one back end. It really could have been super bad.

After all of this happened, I was a bit anxious to get out of there. The tree was still living and not dead, so I kept looking around at what tree could fall next. And like I said, it wasn't even windy at the time. It was a bit spooky to see. 

Now, back to earlier in the day when a bit less drama was unfolding. Campbell and Bentley were the first ones in the water today. They both really enjoyed it. Probably not as much as Whitman though who wanted to make sure that his clothes were water clothes before he got wet.

I am a different mom now than I was with Reagan and Anderson. I wouldn't have let them get wet in their regular clothes or even just sit in a stream of water all by themselves. I do now-people were riding bikes in the water, wearing real clothes, unattended and really, just having the best time.

Well, Campbell was having the best time until she came hurrying up to us saying something about worms. She had tiny little worms crawling all over her shirt. I grabbed her a towel and made her take her shirt off outside-she couldn't get out of that shirt fast enough. 

Whitman was a bit sour because we were having to leave the campground today. It was really perfect weather, and he could have played in that water all day long today. We did pull out about 2:30 finally-Robby and I were a bit sad because we could have stayed all week (well, after today, I have vowed to never be in my camper during high winds so this wouldn't be the week to camp out.)

I drove most folks home, and Robby just went home with Campbell, Whitman and Bentley. By the time that they made it home, we had emptied out the white van and Reagan and Graham had started on their showers.

When he did arrive, we all went to town emptying the camper. We almost have it down to a science. Anderson wanted a shirt from the dirty clothes so he barely had enough time to get his shirt clean and dry (it was the only thing in the dryer) before he left with Reagan and Kennedy who had just arrive at our house to go to his life group. 

After Reagan took him to his life group, she and Kennedy went to theirs. Wes came by and picked Graham up and took him to his group so that helped. Campbell went to Rock Creek so I took her and Brett brought her home. Gracious, four kids going to learn about God about 4 different places-can't they all do it at one place?

We had our supper at the Wilson's house. All of the kids came back there, except for Reagan who did a little bit of target shopping after her thing. Then it was back home for a few minutes before it was bedtime for this crew.

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