April 29, 2022-Middle of the Week Camping

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I guess I was pretty tired last night. When I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, Bentley was up near the top of our bed. I noticed that there was a light underneath her. I just assumed that it was from the light on the other side of me that is made by the thing that I plug all of my cords into. 

I thought about that for another minute, and then realized that the light couldn't really go under me. This was the middle of the night so I was thinking a bit slowly. Eventually, I realized that it was my phone shining brightly under Bentley. I guess I had gone to sleep with it in my hand and it had fallen. Thankfully, I hadn't been calling China all night laying on top of it.

Breakfast this morning was clean out the fridge-there was leftover stuff to make breakfast burritos. Anderson had missed them the other day when we had them, and thought that they were really good. Robby had mixed everything up today, and Graham even thought that they were better today than the other day.

Also we made the last of the box of pancake mix. I guess I am going to have to start carrying two boxes of pancake mix with us if we are going to eat pancakes more than once. Today though we had plenty with what was left of our box. So after having one more big breakfast, it was time to start packing up.

The kids tried to stay in the hammocks as long as they could today. I finally had to kick them out so I could start folding them up. I tried to remind them that that we do indeed have a few trees at home that hammocks could work on. 

Keaton and Anderson decided to go and ride the trail again today. We told Whitman that he could go with them or help us clean-that was enough motivation for everyone to head off on their bikes for a good while. Reagan had already left to go home for a few minutes before going to work this afternoon.

Soon we had the place packed up for sure. I left in the van with the dog and most of the kids. We were able to start the laundry and empty the car before Robby arrived with the camper. The kids knew that we had to work today-people were spraying weeds, sweeping cobwebs from the windows, scrubbing benches and even breaking windows.

Well, that part was just Robby. He was weedeating while I was cleaning the camper. And it just takes one tiny pebble to shatter a window. Hopefully, it will be an easy and inexpensive fix-at least it will be a story.

I helped him clean up for a little bit-glass everywhere. Then I ran to pick up some tables and chairs around town. Campbell went with me and was such great help. Basically she helped me all day long. When we came home, she helped me unload and label all of the chairs and tables. Then tonight she helped me bake for a very long time. I made sure that she knew that I couldn't have done it all without her.

We had supper at Nonna and Pops' house. Well, all of us did but Keaton. She spent the night at a friends house and even got to go to Raymar and fly a kite. I know that she really enjoyed that. Pops had cooked hamburgers, and they had all of the fixings to go with it plus some delicious brownies.

We stayed over there for a bit but then headed home. Anderson ended up driving home tonight-he has his license but I don't think that he has driven since he received it though. He did just fine driving home. Once at home, there was about 5 loads of laundry it seemed.

The kids helped me with some of them while Campbell and I baked. I worked until it was bedtime-well, I did have to run out to the camper twice tonight at bedtime. Once to put things away and once to get Anderson's clothes which we had left in there. Then it was finally bedtime for the Dennie crew-tomorrow is a soccer morning so it will be early.

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