April 17, 2022-Happy Easter

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  • I was  making corn casserole this morning before anyone else around here even thought about getting up. It didn't take too long, so I soon hopped in the shower-except the shower light was out. I knew what I was doing in there so I didn't wake Robby up to change it.
  • Though when I did get out, that was the first thing that I warned him of-if he planned on shaving in the shower, then he better get a move on and change the light bulb. 
  • We all did look presentable this morning in our Easter duds. Well, really, the only ones with new Easter duds was Whitman (his weren't new, I just picked them out and told him this was his outfit and not his favorite green shirt) and Campbell (who found her Easter shirt at the goodwill yesterday.)
  • I did realize that I probably need to get a few more things for Keaton's Sunday attired along with anther shirt or two for Anderson. However, I'm thankful that proper Sunday clothes is something I don't have to stress about. 
  • Oh, Easter Sunday. The sanctuary was full which was a delight to see especially since that is rare these days. But my favorite part of the service today was leaning up and looking at my 6 people all with their Bible in their laps. 
  • We did the Sunday school thing-well, Robby did for a bit and then snuck out so he could work on my mac and cheese. This Sunday school and Easter makes things a bit complicated. Though the Easter when we brought two cars to church, and Robby left early and took my car keys with him was super complicated. We double and triple checked that I had my keys before Robby did leave.
  • Easter lunch was perfect-all the grandparents, Dana, Jason, Lilly and Cash. We had tons of food and tons of leftovers. Even after eating leftovers tonight, we still have way too many dessert leftovers.
  • As we were hiding eggs for the kids this afternoon, it started raining pretty good. That is when Robby just took the bucket and started pouring eggs on the ground. So the hiding part didn't take as long as usual-nor did the finding part.
  • Whitman was super focused on finding the golden egg-however, somehow the golden egg wasn't the big money egg. I think Robby must have been distracted when he put money in because Graham walked away with a 20 dollar bill.
  • After the egg hunt, the kids worked on their candy trading. Then they had the idea for an egg toss. I had a few eggs left so they were given the okay. Lilly and Reagan were on a team and were the first ones out. Keaton and Campbell were the next ones out which left Whitman and Graham and Anderson and Cash. 
  • The boys had basically drawn numbers trying not to be with Whitman. Surprisingly though, Whitman and Graham ended up winning. Apparently Whitman can catch or Graham can throw really well. Either way, it was pretty entertaining to watch.
  • The grandmas had already cleaned the dishes before the egg hunt so cleaning up didn't take too long at all after everyone left. Campbell, Graham and Anderson left for Rock Creek around 4:30. Then Robby and I took ourselves a nap-and slept until about 6:30. 
  • Then we pulled out the leftovers for supper. Keaton made pizza rolls to supplement and Brett brought some pizza, so we all had ample. We watched a video which has made Robby ready to start planning on our next trip. Then it was time for the weekend to end.

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