April 4, 2022-Trip to the Masters

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Robby and I slept very well last night-I did wake up once to go to the bathroom and so did Robby. I think that I might could stay in bed a bit longer, but we were getting hungry. It didn't take us long to get ready and head downstairs for breakfast.

The Wilsons were eating already. I know that it has been a long time since I have rated hotel breakfasts, but let's talk about today's breakfast. Robby always prefers biscuits and sausage along with the gravy and not a bagel and sliced sausage like they had today. Granola always makes me happy. I did eat a plan bagel (they had no other flavors) along with plain cream cheese (no other flavors) which was filling but not exciting.

After breakfast, it didn't take too long before we were on our way. We didn't really have an agenda today-just end up in Augusta. Our first stop this morning was Buccees. Robby and I got our traditional order-a boudin kolache for Robby and a blueberry scone for me. We had just eaten so we didn't eat them and haven't eaten them yet.

Then as we were driving on, we saw a Costco. Of course by that time we needed a bathroom and gas, so we stopped in there. The only purchase there was an umbrella to hopefully to scare tomorrow's rain away. Oh, and we did buy 2 6 packs of muffins-Shannon bought coffee cake muffins while we bought blueberry. Back in the car, we had to sample those so we sliced those babies in half and fourths and tried them.

Kennessaw Mountain National Battlefield was our next stop. We ran into the the visitor's center for a little bit-Shannon was able to get her stamp. Then we drove up to the top of the mountain. It was fairly crowded up there, but we were able to hike up to the tip top of the mountain. It was a straight up hike, and we were pretty out of breath by the time we made it.

The next stop was downtown Atlanta for a walk through the Martin Luther King Memorial. I think that at one time we took a picture with the kids outside of his homeplace. We can't remember why we didn't go in, but we think that maybe the it was after hours.

This time we walked all over that place. We went through the museum. Then went through the church that he preached at, and finally we walked to MLKs birthplace. After that walk, we were back in the car on our way to supper.

At some point during the day we did move to Eastern Standard Time. Tony had found Hattie B's Hot Chicken, and it was a great stop. I had chicken tenders which were good along with mac and cheese and fries. Robby had a chicken sandwich that he really liked. We also had 2 waffles that were warm and sugary and delicious.

After supper, we did stop at another gas station for the restrooms. We had some fun on the drive with some winning scratch off tickets-and some losing scratch off tickets. Also we listened to a podcast about the Osage murders. Robby and I listened to the book last year, and I remembered most of what was going to happen. 

Back at the house, I think that the kids had a good day. Well, the girls had a rough night with Bentley. Bentley was a bit off her schedule last night, but hopefully all of that will be better tonight. There was school work this morning which I think was finished pretty quickly.

I do know that Keaton got hit in the face with a softball. She pitched it to Campbell, and Campbell hit it back. Bless her. Keaton has had this happen to her a few times-the others with a kickball which wasn't nearly as hard as that softball. She's tough though.

Reagan went to work this afternoon so she was gone for a while. Anderson and Whitman built one of Whitman's birthday gifts. Tonight for supper the kids had manicotti, green beans, ravioli and biscuits. I am sure that will be their favorite supper while we are gone.

We arrived in Augusta around 8 tonight and drive right to our hotel. Robby knew that he had a very good rate for the Masters week here, and later he saw that there were no hotels around so he was glad that he quickly snagged the two rooms that we had. We unloaded and walked on in the hotel with us each holding a bag or two.

We quickly noticed the free beer all over the lobby which was an interesting site. I had never seen that before in all of our hotel stays. Before we could even comment on that, the clerk told Robby that they had no rooms. They had no room because there were no clean rooms. He said it again before Robby could even mention that he had a reservation for two rooms-had the reservation almost a year. I was debating how bad it would be to clean a hotel room during parts of the conversation.

The man said he knew that when Robby told him. And continued to tell us that he was sending us down the road. He kept telling us how to go; however, he kept saying Motel 6 in his directions. Now, we don't stay in classy hotels, but they are a bit nicer than Motel 6s. Eventually, we figured out that he wasn't talking about a Motel 6, but a possibly upgrade in the chain.

We made it all the way out of the hotel lobby before we all completely lost it and died laughing. It was just all a bit too crazy.

We drove the half mile and arrived to the second motel. All the while, Shannon and I were trying to figure out if we could sleep in the car and what we would have to move for that to happen. Robby and Tony went in to check in and were in there forever!

Finally, Tony did come out to give an update. They knew we were coming, the lady was kind and quickly charged Robby's credit card for the first room-400 dollars. Robby was quick to catch that, but the poor lady had no idea how to change this, charge us the Robby's rate-of course he had all kinds of emails and numbers to confirm his original rate. 

It took about 30 minutes to get things all settled. As of writing this, they aren't yet. The lady was helpful and understood what needed to be done, but didn't know how to do it. Robby's card has still be charged and they are trying to change it tonight. It will all be settled (or he will dispute the whole charge) so he isn't worried at all.

After finding our rooms, which we were very thankful for, we headed out to find where the golf course is for tomorrow. We did that bit of driving around, and then we brought some snacks up to the room and started to watch the basketball game. 

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