April 20, 2022

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  • Graham and Whitman slept in their fort in the bonus room last night. We offered for Anderson to sleep in our room if he was afraid, but he scoffed at that idea. Graham and Whitman were just barely awake when I did go to wake them up, so maybe I should have them sleep in the bonus room every night.
  • I think that we just have two more days of CBS left. As this year has progressed we seem to be getting to CBS later and later each time. It is still before we really start, but Keaton is not a fan of our tardiness. I think that today we did make it right on time so that was good-the rainy Wednesdays that we have been having sure don't help any.
  • During CBS I believe that the other three were here at home working-at least I hope that they were working. They sometimes send me pictures of what they are working on, but that seems to be happening less and less!
  • After CBS we came home, and I started on school work. Reagan left around 1 this afternoon for work. I helped Whitman finish his days worth of work and managed to pick out pictures at the same time.
  • Now, I did have good intentions of getting on the treadmill, however, that just didn't happen. There is always tomorrow though. I had myself a perfectly wonderful nap-though I was chilly during most of it. I have been cold for the last two days.
  • Soon it was time for us to head to church. Reagan made it home in time for us all to ride together. Church seems to be a bit crazy on Wednesday nights-just so many kids which is good, but it makes me tired (even after my afternoon nap.)
  • On the way home, we added to extra to drop off at their house so we had to squeeze into the car. We even picked up some pizza which was certainly yummy.
  • Right now someone is taking a shower upstairs, the boys are playing xbox with friends (I can hear them yelling), Whitman is probably still eating his pizza while watching his ipad in the kitchen, and I'm about to read a cookbook.

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