April 19, 2022

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  • This morning I think that Reagan and Anderson left in plenty of time. But she had only been gone for about 2 minutes when she text me saying that it would be awhile. It took a while for me to figure out what the picture was. I finally did figure out that at the end of the road, someone was putting a car on a trailer blocking the street. 
  • Anderson assumed that they were repossessing the car since they didn't have the keys. Whatever they were doing, it took so long that Reagan missed a good deal of her class this morning (Anderson just had study hall.) 
  • The rest of us went to work here. I will finish reading our history book to everyone, but I don't think that I will finish science. This is the first year that I haven't finished science, so I am a bit bummed about that. But really, does it matter at all that we don't read the last two chapters about worms and spiders-I think not. I have at least one library book that I will not finish along with one devotional book, but everything else I should finish which makes me happy. 
  • Around 11 I had to go to church for a meeting at the kids school. I thought about not telling them why I was there and making sure they saw me so they might think they were in trouble. However, I was there about classes for next year so my meeting didn't take long. I did have to find Reagan since I needed her signatures on a few pieces of paper.
  • Back at home, I cleaned out the vacuum cleaner closet. I am really working hard at cleaning out something every single day right now. I did get rid of a few things, but not too much. There is a list of things that I really should work on, but right now I am trying to do the small projects first.
  • Reagan and Anderson did eventually show back up from school. I worked a bit with Reagan before getting on the treadmill. Then she left again for work tonight. I haven't heard yet how it was but she did meet Robby afterwards to get gas. They ended up getting starbucks as well so I am sure that was a treat for her and Campbell and Keaton who rode along with Robby.
  • I went to supper with my CBS class. It was a fun treat. We ate at Zazas, and I thought that my salad was salty. I know that is weird, but yep, it was salty. Maybe my tastebuds are super off. On the way home though, Candice and I went out of our way to go to Crumbl. I only bought 4 cookies (chocolate chip, snicker doodle, caramel and red velvet), and we thought that they were all really good. 
  • Right now it is just about time to start putting these people in beds-well, tonight I think that Graham, Keaton and Whitman are sleeping in the bonus room. They made a huge fort that I partially had to take down when I walked on the treadmill today. I am not sure that it was wise to let them sleep in there tonight, but oh well, you are only a kid once.

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