April 27, 2022-Middle of the Week Camping

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Oh, my camper sleeping is certainly just wonderful. We were all up a good while before going to bed. Bentley whined by the door long enough that Robby took her out, but we think that she just wanted to play with Annie. I guess when she realized that Annie was in her camper, then Bentley settled and curled up on our bed.

Robby did some work, and I was pretty awake so most of the kids stayed up past midnight, and we stayed up until 1. That is probably the reason we were still sleeping soundly early this morning. I had a friend text me from Bible study-she sent me a picture of the empty pew and I sent her a picture of my feet still in the bed. 

We soon all started stirring. Today's breakfast was pancakes-a super crowd pleaser. It has taken some time, but we have not gotten the amount of batter to make correct-the largest size suggest on the box plus the smallest size. Today we had plain pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes and a few brave souls tried fresh blueberry pancakes (Reagan, Keaton and me).

Soon the bikes were down and after a little bit of work on Anderson's bike everyone was riding around the campsite. I even made a loop on a bike with Whitman-he never really likes to ride his bike, so I had him go with me. He did fine, but I sure don't want for him to forget that since we worked so hard on learning that skill.

Reagan soon left-she headed home for a few minutes before heading to work today. They did buy her lunch at work which she was pretty pleased with. I do think that she is kind of enjoying working right now-and I think that she is kind of enjoying spending some money too! (She is frugal like me, but did manage to spend a few dollars on a magazine the other day.)

Soon the rest of us were all loading up to drive to Rattlesnake Ridge. This had been on my list for quite a while now. So there are like 5 different trails out there-we did one that we thought was two miles, but ended up being 4-Cliffbreak.

It was never straight up the hill, but it was a gradual continuous climb. I think that a lot of the trail was for mountain bikers, and even though the parking lot was full, we saw not a soul on the entire 3.2 miles that we walked.

It was absolutely beautiful-there were bridges all through the first part of the trail. They were so neat. Then the very last 100 feet or so we straight up some boulders on the edge of the cliff. Anderson went first-he is not too thrilled with heights so if we kept going we need it was safe. 

Whitman somehow got in between Robby and me. He was with Keaton and Campbell, but bless he almost had a panic attack and was crying when I reached the top. He was so frightened. I have never known that heights scared him, but they did today. 

It was rather challenging-like the first few feet of the up part involved trying to figure out how to get Annie and Bentley to climb straight up some rocks. Once at the top, it was beautiful. I would really like to do that hike in the fall for sure. 

Going down the steep little bit, I did stay right be Whitman. There were a few spots that there was a cliff on one side of you and a steep 50 or so foot drop off on the other. We kept our hand on the cliff and talked the way down. We were the last ones in the group, but did eventually catch up to everyone else as they were getting down the last big rock.

This is where Robby and Tony just had to grab the dogs and pass them to each other. After we made it down from there, the return trip was super easy. The steep section was not even .1 mile of the trail. I did decide that I would like to return and do all of the trails at Rattlesnake Ridge.

The trail took us almost an hour and a half but that was with some sitting and enjoying the view at the top of the ridge. When we made it back to the campsite, Tony heated up some sandwiches on the Blackstone for our quick lunch. 

I didn't really have too much time after that because we were soon heading to church. The traffic was pretty thick on the way to church, but we made it in plenty of time. Keaton and Whitman had opted to stay at the camper, so since I didn't have then with me, I stayed in the car until it was almost time to start church tonight. 

Reagan met us at church, and I caught up on her day. Then after church it was back to the camper. Tony was again our chef for the day and made fried rice for our supper. It was very good and warm-it is still a little bit chilly outside so something warm was delicious.

Dessert was apple dump cake which was almost yummy and warm. We were a bit tired tonight so it was a struggle to stay out until 10, but we made it. Then it was inside to make beds. I am now heading to the shower before crawling in the bed!

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