April 12, 2022

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  • I sure didn't wake up any earlier this morning. In fact today when I did jump out of bed, I told Robby that I had 10 minutes to get the house moving. It probably did take me longer than 10 minutes to get myself ready, empty the dishwasher, wake the kids, fold the laundry, take the dog out, and start on school-but it didn't take me much longer than that. I was moving.
  • Of course while I am reading on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, I am also listening to make sure that Reagan did get out of bed and listening to make sure that they leave at a decent time. Today, I had even finished our reading before they did leave.
  • Tuesdays are a bit easier-again I am not too sure why. It isn't like Reagan and Anderson cause trouble during school time. Before noon, we had finished most things for the day.
  • I even left to go to a homeschool resale store in Maumelle. Driving there wasn't my preferred thing to do, but they had a 40 dollar book that I wasn't able to convince myself to buy....and since I had store credit there, it was worth the trip.
  • Back at home, I worked on reloading the camper after Reagan and Anderson did get home. I had two different things to work on with Reagan today. Anderson spent most of his afternoon putting together more of Whitman's birthday gifts. Some had zillions of pieces and even Anderson couldn't get to work correctly. 
  • I encouraged Anderson to find him a hobby or even a career that involves putting small things together. I am not too sure what exactly that would be-maybe you might have some suggestions.
  • Keaton really wanted to play a game today, so we were able to get a group to play a round of Clue. I actually was the first to guess the right answer (just by luck-well, I copied Graham), but I didn't really make a real guess so Campbell did that and won the game.
  • We had supper tonight-hot dogs. Some of the kids aren't too big of fans, but we had tons of buns that we really need to eat. We even have hamburger buns as well-I am not to sure how we ended up with some much bread around here.
  • I had seen on the internet, that some people put mustard in their mac and cheese. So I tried that tonight...it wasn't a hit. I had just put a tiny bit, but apparently everyone could taste it! So that mac and cheese was a no go.
  • After supper, there was some more school work by Reagan, a game of basketball for some and even a walk for Bentley and Robby.

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