April 13, 2022

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  • I had to wash my hair this morning so I did that and quickly became distracted with waking up the kids and my morning chores. I did notice the weather and thought that I better dry my hair before the electricity went out.
  • I did finish with my hair and put the hair dryer away, when the electricity did in fact go out. It was only for a few minutes, but it was enough to make things a bit crazy this morning.
  • I was still able to make my Wednesday bagel for our drive to Bible study. All I could think about was how I want to go back to NYC just to eat a bagel. Robby will take me soon because he wants to got to Philadelphia to eat a cheesesteak.
  • After Bible study, we braved the rain to go and have Campbell's name on her Bible. That is seriously getting my expensive-I had names on Bibles earlier this school year, and I think that the price has doubled.
  • Then a hop into to Target before going home. It was almost 1 when the heaviest of rains came through here which is also when Reagan said that she was leaving. Robby told her to hold up for a minute-it didn't take too long for the rain to slack up so she left for work.
  • The lights did go off for a good bit this afternoon. Whitman even had to do some reading by flashlight which I know he enjoyed.
  • Campbell and Graham had orthodontist appointments this afternoon. Robby took them, and then we met during another crazy rainstorm to fill up the cars with gas. We did stop into Costco for a few minutes before I brought the kids home.
  • Reagan came home from work, and then we all headed to church tonight. Robby was still out grocery shopping. I was thinking that there wouldn't have been many kids tonight because of the weather, but I was wrong, and they were wild.
  • After church, Robby had pizzas for everyone so we all sat in the kitchen and talked about the day before heading to our devices for the rest of the evening.

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