April 3, 2022-Trip to the Masters

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Robby and I both woke up pretty early this morning-we tend to do that on trip mornings. Before 8, I had done my last chicken duty, showered, emptied the dishwasher and helped Robby put clean sheets on our bed. We were moving.

We had to get to church a little bit earlier than usual, so we made sure that the kids were up. I went upstairs once just as a prewake up-turned off the fans, opened the blinds, and turned the hallway light on. I went up there a bit later and told everyone how many minutes they had until we left.

A bit later Robby made two trips upstairs to make sure that people were stirring. Unfortunately, we must have missed speaking to Anderson. I hollered upstairs to ask the boys if I needed to comb the back of their hair. Graham replied that he was fine, but Anderson was still asleep. That did cause lots of yelling-thankfully, Anderson woke up in a good mood and was ready with time to spare.

We had to be at church early today because today some of the youth were in the choir, and Reagan signed up for this. She also signed up to work nursery at the same time, so Campbell and I took one for the team and filled in for her there. That meant that we missed baby dedication and seeing Reagan in the choir.

After church today, we headed to Nonna and Pops' house for lunch. They had pork loin and a huge pan of augratin potatoes that we finished off. I guess I didn't know how much my kids like those-I probably should make them more often-or really sometime since I haven't probably ever made them.

Nonna even had a little Easter gift for all of the kids and there was a cake and candles for Whitman. Of course Whitman enjoyed hearing the birthday song again-I think that he likes a bit of attention. We didn't tick around too long after lunch.

Once at home, the house was vacuumed, and Bentley's kennel was moved upstairs. Soon the Wilsons arrive, and Robby and I were telling people bye and giving instructions for the next few days. We didn't get too far until we had to turn around-well, just the end of the street when Shannon remembered that she forget her cords.

That didn't take long so we were on the road to the Masters. We had more snacks in the car that we could possibly ever need. We stopped right before Memphis at a gas station for the bathroom. It was no Buccees. That is kind of my bathroom standard right now-hopefully, we will stop at one tomorrow.

We did survive that stop and drove on to Tupelo before we had to stop again. Then there was supper at the little Mexican restaurant that Robby found in Jasper. It took us a bit to find it, but when we did it looked so promising (fun lights, lots of people). 

Unfortunately, things that look promising aren't always. Tony's food came out cold and looking pretty sad. He didn't have any of our sauces are things that make food look appealing. Robby and I were sharing a meal, and ours came out about 10 minutes after theirs. Well, we had to tell the waitress that we still didn't have our food. The manager eventually brought it out-but it was wrong!

Once we finally had the waitresses attention, Robby just gave back our food and said we would just eat the cheese dip. The odd thing-the manager, who the waitress said that she was getting and even checked Robby out, never once apologized, made anything right or even made excuses. It just left a bad taste in our mouth. 

Now, Robby and I did completely fill up on cheese dip, chips and salsa so we left happy-ish. That was really all that we needed to be full. I even brought in a snack to the hotel tonight, but I don't think that we will get to it this evening. 

We just had about 20 more minutes after supper before arriving at our hotel. We have a decent room-I have only been in 2 hotels since 2020 so even though hotel living was once common for us, it is just strange now. 

Now the kids: after we left, the kids had a bit of downtime before they all started to leave. Anderson and Graham went to Rock Creek with Brett. They had a big night there. My boys tried to win a free camp, but came up in 4th place. I am sure that they had fun tonight.

Reagan drove all of the others to church tonight because it was 6th grade Bible night. Campbell received her Bible-and I even manged to get a few pictures from the evening thanks to Jason and another friend. Then it was home for everyone and frozen pizzas for supper.

I did send a message about the time that the kids were supposed to start on the laundry so we will see how well that all worked out. I didn't make a specific extra chore list for the laundry and dishes so who knows! 

Bentley is sleeping in the girls room tonight. We heard that the first part of the evening didn't go too smoothly. I probably didn't explain exactly to them when she does go to bed usually. I think that they did get it figured out and hopefully, they all sleep well tonight.

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