April 6, 2022-Trip to the Masters

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I woke up this morning to the sound of Robby typing. I thought that it was rain at first. We soon were both ready and headed down to breakfast-except it closed at 9. Oh well, we were able to grab a doughnut which was different than any doughnut we've ever had-it was like a Krispy Kreme doughnut without any of the glaze.

Afterwards, it wasn't too long before the Wilsons let us know that they were ready, and we all headed downstairs. We didn't have crazy far to go today, but we did make a day of it. 

There were a few stops along with the way-gas, bathroom breaks. a walk around an outlet mall even-but eventually we were pulling up at Jacqueline around 3. It was a super short trip, but we all had a lot of fun.

We then went right to work-well, Robby did take some of the kids to get drinks at the gas station. I did some school work with Anderson, and before too long it was time for the big three to leave for church since they had a ref meeting.

Reagan had to leave her little work early to come and pick them up. Not too long after they left, Robby and I left with the little 3 to take them to the church house. He dropped me off at Nonna's house while he ran them to the church house.

We went back home, and I continued to work. I finished most things by the time that the kids all did come back home. We worked on cleaning out the fridge before sending them to their rooms-they all had some packing to do. So far though no one has really brought anything down for me to put in the camper. 

Finishing all of the packing is the next thing that will happen around here, and then getting ready for school tomorrow. And then finally it will be bedtime for the crew.

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