April 16, 2022

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  • There was no hurry for anyone in this house to get out of bed this morning-especially after I saw that the church Easter egg hung had been cancelled due to weather. I was pretty sure that was going to happen when I started hearing the thunder this morning.
  • I finally did sneak out of the bed trying not to wake up Robby and Bentley so I could start on the dishes and laundry. Keaton and Sophia were already awake and going strong. I told them that we would leave soon for Goodwill.
  • We even got in the car when I checked my text to see Keaton's friend was being picked up earlier than we expected so we changed plans and headed to the Dollar General instead for a treat. That made everyone happy!
  • A bit later in the morning, Keaton, Campbell, Robby and I did go to the Goodwill. Well, Robby stayed in the car and napped. I left with a sweater, Whitman got new pajamas, Keaton found some pants and a shirt, and Campbell just about left with a new wardrobe. They were proud of their purchases and had fun.
  • Afterwards, we ran to get lunch, and then to the Dollar Tree, Sams and Walmart. We were pretty much gone all of the day long, and when Robby and I did make it home, we were tired! I think all of that yard work from yesterday caught up with us.
  • After a few short naps, things started to get busy around here. Campbell made some cookie bars; Keaton made some cookies. I tried to get everything ready for tomorrow, plus I had quite a few helpers work on cleaning this place up. 
  • Then it was egg dying time. You would think that it gets easier-it doesn't! There were two spills during all of that. At least people can clean up their own spills now, and my kitchen smells clean of vinegar! 
  • Even though my dishwasher was already full and running, we pulled out all of the leftovers for supper which created a whole other load of dishes which is now waiting for its turn in the dishwasher. 
  • Reagan did her first big paycheck tonight so that was fun. I am currently trying to finish the blog, but am distracted by watching the church's old Easter Kingdom production. People are coming in the kitchen for a bit of ice cream before bedtimes, but first I better check that everyone has had their showers! 

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