April 18, 2022

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  • This Monday morning was a bit hectic-or at least getting all of the kids downstairs to start on school was a bit hectic. It is so surprising that Whitman can sleep through my hollering at everyone, his brothers waking up and going downstairs, dishes rattling and people making all kinds of noise as they head downstairs.
  • I finally did get Whitman downstairs with his breakfast. He can be a little slow doing things (all the time), but especially in the mornings. We did our morning reading, and then people started work on their own school work for the day.
  • Even though the kids don't have as much work right now since much has already been finished, it still takes me a while to work with everyone. Most everything that needed to be done for school was finished today, so that was good at least.
  • Reagan left for work at 1 and then ended up at Raymar helping with taking the team's pictures there. She put in a full days work today. When she came home, she told us all about her day as she gobbled down the supper that we saved for her.
  • I did every chore that I could think of this afternoon before I finally did do my walk on the treadmill. I told Robby and I certainly enjoy the treadmill more when I have a Christmas movie to watch which is what I am watching right now.
  • Bentley had a bath tonight which was much needed. She also had a few walks today. This evening when Robby and I walked her along with Keaton, it was pretty chilly out.
  • The kids and I all played Left, Right, Center this evening. It was an exciting game since Robby put 2 dollars in the pot for the winner. Of course, the child that now makes a paycheck won. I was really hoping that I would win though!
  • Right now I am trying to watch a Hallmark movie, but I don't think that I am going to be able to finish it tonight since I have had so many interruptions! 

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