April 11, 2022

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  • Today really felt like we had not done school in days or even weeks. Everything went fairly smoothly. I did have to hurry around this morning to get myself out of bed and to wake the kids up in time to start on school.
  • We did our work-it seemed like I was moving quickly with working with everyone. However, I was still working with Whitman at 2 and had to do a bit with Reagan when she came home from work at 5. 
  • I was still able to mark most everything off of my list today though I did use the kids help. Keaton and Campbell were very helpful in helping me stuff our Easter eggs for Sunday.
  • Really the day wasn't very exciting-it was just school and chores around here. Anderson did try to help Whitman build one of his birthday presents-poor Anderson worked for the longest time and had no luck. Now, if Anderson couldn't work it, I really don't think that the box should say for ages 8+! Whitman didn't seem to care though.
  • Reagan went to work, and when she returned we started on supper: quesadillas which was our leftover meal from camping. Robby cooked them on the blackstone outside, and as always they were very delicious.
  • After supper, Robby and I decided to run to Target and Kroger. We didn't really think about the weather that was coming until we left the house and could see the lightening. We had to hurry to get home-our sirens were already going off (though any storm in the county (Jacksonville) causes our sirens to go off so we were under no threat then.)
  • The girls already had the weather turned on so I watched it until it was time to put the kids in bed. Thankfully, there wasn't a whole lot of weather for our area. For our nightly dessert, we also had our camping leftover-pound cake and strawberries. Maybe camping is more fun than real life-at least the camping food is!

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