April 2, 2022-Happy 9th Birthday Whitman!

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  • Well there was no sleeping in today since there were chickens to let out. I think that I might just become a vegetarian. Actually, the list was long today, and there wasn't time to lollygag around. 
  • Robby was the first one to leave today to pick up doughnuts for the birthday boy. When he made it back home, we just stood in the kitchen eating the doughnuts ourselves since none of the kids were awake. 
  • Eventually there were some people that started to wake up, but not Whitman. Finally he did wake up and had a birthday doughnut before starting his day. I think that he has had a pretty perfect day-laying around in his pajamas doing nothing at all. 
  • He played a few of his new games with Keaton, Campbell and Whitman. He also searched for rocks in his new rock finding kit. I think that might have been one of his favorite gifts. 
  • Robby and I headed out this morning with Anderson to get him a hair cut and to do some speed shopping through Sams. We bought a buggy load of things there-lots happening here: Robby and I are packing for a trip while packing for a trip in the camper later in the week. 
  • When Keaton came home from her sleepover today, she looked around the mudroom and asked if we were going on a trip. Indeed it looked as if we were moving today I had so many things out.
  • Once we were home with Anderson, we were only home for a bit-long enough to unload and mark a few more things off of the list, before we left again with Campbell, Keaton and Graham. 
  • Graham also needed a hair cut. I like it when they get a really good hair cut-there hair just grows so quickly that I often feel like I am throwing money away. I really wish that I could figure out how to cut their hair-it's probably too late for me to learn a new skill, but that would really be handy.
  • That trip was Dollar General, the hair cut, Kroger and Costco. When we did get home, I remembered that we needed to go to the library so Robby headed that way.
  • I then spent a few minutes with Reagan and then Anderson helping them write a paper. It wasn't hard, but getting them to start on it was difficult-it wasn't about any real thing-just their thoughts. Thankfully, that is finished and is one less thing for them to do this week.
  • Once Robby made it home, we started on supper. While supper was heating up, I did some speed cleaning to the shower. The cleaning didn't stop before supper-after supper, we all worked on the kitchen floor-a good steam mop is what it received.
  • Currently, there are a few of us watching basketball, but the next plan is for me to go and take care of my chickens. Then Robby and I have to do some treat making followed by a round of birthday ice cream.

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