April 26, 2022-Middle of the Week Camping

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  • I was about to start my blog talking about how today was Saturday. We did play soccer, and we are camping so yes, it definitely feels like a Saturday to me. 
  • It didn't start off like a Saturday though. There was laundry, dishes and dog duty before the kids woke up this morning. When I did get them downstairs, we read pretty quickly. I believe that I was finishing up in time to shoo Reagan and Anderson out the door. They seem to dally in the mornings when they really need to leave about 5 minutes earlier than they do.
  • I guess we are just doing school for 2 days this week. I had intended to bring out summer school out to the campsite this week, but opted not to. I think that we might even just do a tiny few things next week along with the summer school stuff. Next week is the last week of school after all.
  • Campbell and Keaton did help me with unloading all of the groceries that Robby picked up. There were groceries for this week and for Sunday-so things were sorted into three different piles-camper, party and pantry and then put away.
  • After the groceries, there was still a bit of school to finish. I probably should have hurried my chores a little bit so I could walk on the treadmill-but I sure didn't. I'm trying to eat a little bit better right now-at least a few calories less-but that sure is hard!
  • Robby and I took the camper to Maumelle Park and set everything up this afternoon. Well, we really didn't set anything up-we just plugged things in and then pretty much turned around and left.
  • Tonight was soccer night-2 games, 4 games reffed-it was a lot of fun and a perfect evening for soccer because it was pretty warm at Raymar and not windy at all. 
  • Keaton and Campbell tied their game tonight-Campbell did score one goal. Hughey and Reagan were the refs-Reagan really enjoys reffing. I think that is one of her favorite things to do right now.
  • Then Whitman's little team played. They did loose by 1 point. Whitman was the goalie and did get scored on, but I wasn't really watching so I don't know if it would have been avoidable. Actually, Graham did say that he got too far up. Either way, it was probably good for his winning team to lose a game-it's just good for you to not always win games. 
  • After the games, Robby headed to pick up supper-they sold out of ChickFilA before we bought ours. So he stopped at ChickfilA and Taco Bell. Then we all met back up at home where the kids showered before we left for the campground.
  • The Wilsons were already here and all set up. We soon pulled the ice cream out and had ourselves an almost midnight snack. We stayed outside for a good bit, but eventually we had to go in because it was just cold outside!

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