April 8, 2022-Hot Springs National Park

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We all slept very well last night. I even dozed for a bit and then woke up around midnight as everyone else was going to bed. Then this morning, Robby and I woke up, but soon we both went back to sleep for a little bit. We were all in no hurry to get up-not even Bentley.

Now, we have enough breakfast food to have a "fancy breakfast" (Whitman's term for a camping breakfast with all the of fixings-bacons, eggs, pancakes, etc.) However, it's chilly outside and why be miserable when we have plenty of other breakfasty foods inside.

That is what we opted for today-inside breakfast. We have leftover muffins from Costco so they were a big hit as well. Despite the chill, there was still some bike riding, scootering and walking this morning. Grannymom and Grandpa showed up around lunchtime, and we all headed to Oaklawn.

The races have been on my list for quite a while now so I was glad to be able to mark that off of my list. We stayed for the first 6 races. Robby let the girls pick their winners on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th races and the boys were able to for the other races.

Now, we did have some winners-Reagan won 2 dollars, Anderson 8.65, Whitman .40, Campbell 1.20, and Keaton .40. I guess that just really left Graham as not winning anything. Grannymom also funded some bets for the kids with Keaton, Campbell and Anderson winning those. Well, I guess Robby was out some money as well after funding the kids' bets plus his bets as well. 

We came back to the campground; Bentley was super excited to see us. The kids did some more bike riding and scooter riding. I did mean to make Whitman ride his bike some today-I'm not too sure he remembers exactly how to ride his bike. 

We hung out inside until it was time to go and pick up tonight's supper. The choices were going to be quesadillas or hamburgers tonight so we will save that for another night at home. It was just chilly outside but cozy inside.

For our supper, we headed to McClards to buy a tamale spread for Robby and me to share. Then we ran to pick up pizza for everyone else. We sat in the camper and ate our food. By the end of it, there was a wreck on the main road outside of the campsite, so the kids wandered out to give us a report on that. 

Ambulance, fire truck, police cars, traffic blocks, it was a mess, but thankfully they thought everyone was okay. Maybe we are bad luck, because earlier today during the first race two jockeys fell off their horses, and one had to be carted off in an ambulance. I searched most of the day until I could find a report on the injured jockey-they were alert and could move all of their extremities at the hospital so that was good to read.

Anderson and Bentley sat outside a long time tonight. Reagan had been out there with them, but when she came in the camper once she decided it was pleasant inside and cold out there. Robby spent a good deal of the evening organizing a drawer and hanging hooks. I spent some time looking at spelling curriculum. We had the Razorback baseball on for a bit, but eventually it was snack time and bedtime for this crew. Tomorrow is going to come early.

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