April 21, 2022

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  • I slept in as long as I could this morning-long enough that Reagan's alarm went off, and she started getting ready. And by me sleeping in as long as I could still meant that she had over an hour before it was time for her to leave the house. So I am really not too sure why she was getting up so early.
  • Anderson sure didn't need all of that time to get himself ready. I just have a few days left of school, so I am really trying to finish a lot of our together reading books-which I continue to get from the library. I just can't stop checking out books-I really have a problem.
  • After our school day, which didn't last too long, the kids started on their own things. Keaton and Campbell spent the afternoon trying to stay busy so they weren't bored while waiting for soccer tonight.
  • Campbell was even trying to stay so busy that she helped me with organizing an attic. She helped me a lot and even though we didn't throw much away, we are now able to easily walk into the attic and get what we need. I am slowly getting there.
  • I did do some work on vbs today-I didn't know I had any work to do, but I found out today that I do have a good bit to do. However, I went to town and have most of my workers and have planned my crafts! We were explaining to one of the kids tonight about doing today what you can do today and not saving it for the next day.
  • Anderson and Reagan came home from school this afternoon-they have just 4 more days left of school, and I don't think they could be more excited about it. And me too. I am ready to have a bit of time off...and I know after two weeks off I will be ready to get back into a schedule. 
  • Tonight we headed to Raymar early. Reagan had to work with the picture taking so we left a bit early. The others enjoyed the extra time there. Whitman loves playing on the playground before his practice. He loves it so much that he asked if we were staying for some reason after his practice for him to play longer.
  • Once at home, we pulled out the leftovers and ate before shipping people off to the showers. Robby and I did run over to the Wilson's house for a little bit-they made brownies. When we did get home, we sent everyone to bed-but this is ipad night so I am sure that not many folks are going to bed anytime soon.
  • Robby and I are currently watching a 100 places to go in the US video so I apologize if my blog is scattered and not grammatically correct. I am trying to make a list of the places that we need to go next!

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