April 14, 2022

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  • I'm a bit tired after our day today. It has been a bit busy. We began with our morning working together while Reagan and Anderson were getting ready for work. They left for school as everyone else started to work on finishing their school for the week.
  • I thought that I was doing well with working with everyone today. Somehow I still ended up doing some school at 8 tonight-this time with Whitman. 
  • I think Robby was the problem today. He was distracting me by cleaning out our closet. I tried to stick around to keep him motivated. His clothes situation wasn't really out of control-but our hanger situation was.
  • We have been completely out of hangers for weeks, possibly months now. If I got a new shirt, I would have to take something else down from a hanger. Not just our closet, but every closet in our house has been out of hangers. To hang up clean laundry, you would have to wear a shirt hanging from your closet.
  • Now, I know that Walmart has hangers for like 2 dollars, but Robby didn't want me to buy any since he needed to clean out his closet. And clean out, he did. We ended up with 3 bags for goodwill plus 1 bag for the trashcan.
  • Anderson had to paint the fields today at Raymar so I ran to pick him up from school after his class. Usually, he waits on Reagan's last class on Thursdays before they come home. I was half way there, when Reagan said that her teacher wasn't there, and they were coming home. I pulled over and turned around.
  • I hadn't gone very far when she called me back saying nevermind the teacher was pulling into the parking lot. So I turned right around again. By the time that I finally did get Anderson, we had about 10 minutes before it was time to leave again.
  • I dropped Anderson off, and then Campbell, Keaton and I went to the pregnancy center. We were busy the entire time there-diapers, clothes, moving things around so the painters can paint. It was pretty busy.
  • Then it was to Raymar for Campbell and Keaton's soccer practice. We were there for a good while before the practice started. The girls and Anderson enjoyed playing. During their practice-Whitman and Anderson were playing in the goal. Graham kicked the ball, so Anderson used Whitman's head as his shield from the ball.
  • It didn't hurt Whitman too bad. He did come to me, and I pulled him into my lap. That is when Bentley went nuts trying to lick Whtiman's face. I guess Bentley was worried that he was hurt and was trying to make sure he was okay.
  • Also during this time, Reagan called. She was on her way to church to keep kids, but there was a bad wreck which caused her to be 30 minutes late. So I spent a good deal of time tracking her.
  • After the girls' practice, Robby took Graham and Anderson home. Campbell and Keaton stayed to play during Whitman's practice. When his was over, we hurried home to eat-we were all starving. 
  • Now the kids are cycling through the showers while I am cuddled under a blanket! I'm freezing!

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