April 22, 2022

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  • My list didn't get exactly finished today, but I think that I did make a dent in it at least. I would like to list what all I didn't finish on my list, but that would involve me getting up so I will not do that. 
  • I was the first one awake around here and went right to work on the laundry, but mercy, we didn't start the dishes last night which makes me crazy. The dishes just take so long to do so when they aren't done in the middle of the night, it creates a backlog for the rest of the day.
  • I did some school work with Reagan and Anderson. Plus there was Bible study to do with the little 3. 
  • Really though, it is a miracle that things ever happen around here-more accurately, I should say that it is a miracle that I can even think around here. Today I walked into the kitchen with Campbell and Anderson taping a spoon filled with peanut butter to a remote control car. Bentley didn't like the rc car until she saw that peanut butter flying across the room. Then there was squealing, barking and laughing all over the downstairs.
  • Also, just a few minutes ago both big boys were going absolutely nuts upstairs screaming and hollering while playing an xbox game with friends. While this is happening, Reagan is playing the piano in the living room-everything is just so loud around here. 
  • And this is completely unrelated, but if we get hard wood floors which I really want, this place will even be louder. I may need to get some noise cancelling headphones just for the house. 
  • Reagan went to work at 1 today while the rest of us went to work in the yard. The boys were wishing that they had a job so they could get out of yard work. However, we certainly needed them. 
  • We burned leaves today-which I am not a fan of. However, it did make things much quicker. We worked on two areas that have been high on our list to clean out. 
  • Robby treated the kids to a slushy after working outside. I had finished up about 4 bottles of water, so I sure didn't want a slushy and all that water made me just have to lie down in the floor for a few minutes. Afterwards, I did feel much better.
  • Campbell had something at Rock Creek tonight-they had a movie night which she enjoyed. Robby had a work event which had decent food. The rest of us just sat around and did nothing-well, we did eat supper and Reagan worked on an essay. 
  • But other than that, this has been a pretty uneventful Friday night.

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