April 25, 2022

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  • This morning the kids weren't too happy about getting up. It seemed to take forever to get everyone downstairs for us to begin reading. I think that Reagan was the last to come downstairs, but then Whitman was the last to come to my bedroom-he was making his breakfast.
  • It took him so long working on his breakfast that I would have assumed he was making himself an omelet, instead of the milk and pop tart that he came into the kitchen with. He doesn't do many things quickly-except read. He is a pretty quick reader for sure.
  • After I did the reading this morning, the kids started work on their school work. The non highschoolers only have to do 2 days of school this week. They might have to do their summer school work, but I haven't really decided that yet.
  • Anderson has a little bit of work to do this week, if he doesn't get it accomplished tomorrow. But other than that, the kids should have a fairly light load over the next few days. I am usually not this anxious to finish school, but I surely am this year.
  • After school work, I shooed everyone outside to help Robby who had just drove up with a few bags of mulch. Really, it was more than a few. The boys went right to work hauling and pouring the bags. Campbell and Keaton were great help in spreading everything out. We didn't think that we would be able to get mulch this week, but I am glad that we made time for it.
  • This afternoon I worked in the garage some and even walked on the treadmill for a little bit, but all too soon it was time for us to head to Raymar. The kids didn't have soccer games  to play in tonight, but there was the concession stand and reffing for Reagan, Anderson and Graham. They all reffed 2 games so they were a tired bunch when we came home.
  • The one bit of excitement was Bentley-Whitman was walking her, and she did get off of her leash. Then she proceeded to run around one of the fields and lay on it during the soccer game. I am sure that it was quite a site. Maybe we need to work on recall a good bit more with her. She had so much fun during her little escapade that she needed a bath when she did get home.
  • Most everyone needed a bath when they did get home tonight. Robby and I worked on loading the camper along with making a grocery list. By then it was bedtime for the kids, except for Reagan who wanted my help with an essay. She finished it, and we proofed it before heading to bed.
  • Robby is still working making a grocery story order so hopefully, we will only have to go to the grocery store 4 more times this week!

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