April 23, 2022

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  • I try not to wake up before 7 ever which if you are a faithful or even casual blog reader you will know. But today was soccer Saturday, and I was out the door this morning before 7:10 with 4 of the kiddos. 
  • Anderson needed to be there early, but first we had to pick up a few hundred dollars of ChickFilA to sell at the concession stand. I am always amazed that they sell so much food, plus I'm always a bit amazed at how expensive that ChickFilA really is.
  • Campbell was my main concession stand girl early this morning. Keaton didn't want to miss out so she went to help. Reagan and Graham both reffed 3 games today so they started at 8:30. Overall today, the kids reffed 8 different games (Anderson reffed 2 as well), played in 2 games and worked the concession stand for 4 hours. 
  • It was a fairly busy soccer day. And a pretty sunny day. I sprayed the back of the boys' necks-though I didn't get their legs or faces or anyone else's faces. However, all of my children should be old enough to realize that they are getting burned and their mother has sun screen in the wagon. Right? Is that still my responsibility? Probably so!
  • And yes, my face isn't burned. I did get a bit pink, but my arms sure are. I pulled up my sleeves so my shoulders would get a bit of sun....and man, they did!
  • Once at home this afternoon, Robby worked in the yard. I tried to stay busy-schedule, vbs, helping Robby-but eventually had to take me a little catnap.
  • We ended up eating supper in North Little Rock at Raising Canes. We wen that direction to eat at Fazolis, but it was super crazy and would have taken forever to eat there. So Raising Canes was the second option. The Fergusons met us there so that was fun.
  • Then we dropped off the kids and gave them some instructions-take dog out, put laundry in dryer, make sure Whitman takes a shower, make sure Whitman doesn't stay in the shower for longer than 20 minutes. Robby and I then picked up the Wilsons to go and eat dessert at Chilis.
  • It took a bit for us to get our huge skillet cookies-when we did get the dessert, it was worth the wait. We gobbled that thing up pretty quickly! When we made it home, it was pretty much bedtime for the kids. I think that Keaton and Reagan had already been napping this evening so it is already quite upstairs.

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