April 28, 2022-Middle of the Week Camping

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Last night we were all in the camper except Reagan and Anderson who drove back to the house after church. They spent the night there-even brought in the trash cans, did a load of laundry and ran the dishwasher. All of that plus getting to school on time this morning. I personally think that they were doing their absolute best so they can stay alone more often.

They both had one class at Wildwood, and then Reagan had a good break so she went home. She returned for her last class that lasted about 10 minutes, but that was fine because she had to pick up Anderson and bring him home. 

Then the both stayed at home until she had her dgroup. It is fairly close to the house so after that, she swung by and picked up Anderson and now they both arrived back here a little bit before 8 and in time for supper.

The rest of us started our day with breakfast burritos (warmed tortillas filled with sausage, eggs, hashbrowns and cheese) and eggs in the hole (a piece of bread grilled in butter and filled with an egg). That was all delicious for sure. 

Then after our clean up, we headed to Pinnacle Mountain State Park and their visitor center. The Arkansas State Parks have a passport book that you can stamp at each park-and we had not officially visited this park. So today was the day.

We also took ourselves another hike-2.5 miles today. It began on the Rocky Valley Trail-and indeed it was rocky. Not boulders to climb on, but the trail was just rocks and rocks and more rocks. It was a sprained ankle just waiting to happen.

When we made it to the half way point, Shannon had to take the loop back to go to work while the rest of us pressed on up the East Quarry Summit. More rocks and more straight up the hill. This time we weren't on the edge of the mountain until we made it to the overlook, so Whitman didn't have to panic. 

The trail was nice though-well, really it was much nicer going down the hills than up the hills. And even though we walked less today, it was a much tougher trail than yesterday including the super scary climb up the side of a cliff.

When we made it back to the campsite, we celebrated our two days of hikes with popsicles. Then of course we made the traditional camping lunch of pizzas in the air fryer. Ha! After trying to made pizzas on the blackstone, we have discovered that they are just the best made in an air fryer. Most people had theirs on pita bread while I had mine on a tortilla. 

Oh, and while Robby was making all of the pizzas-the air fryer does take a while, I laid in a hammock and had myself a little nap. I had already made everyone's pizzas so he was just taking them in and out of the air fryer trying to not let them burn.

We just sat for a good bit this afternoon. Then we went to the playground-Campbell, Graham and Keaton rode their bikes there while Whitman walked. Whitman found some friends to play tag with  and made Keaton and Graham play with them as well. 

We stayed there for a bit before heading back to the camper. We eventually had to start on supper-and what a supper it was. Robby and I used to know how to make grilled chicken-but we don't any more (don't judge us!) Tony showed Robby how, and it was absolutely delicious. So we had the chicken in street tacos which was a winner of a dinner.

Then for dessert-he grilled up some naan bread soaked in butter and then bathed in a cinnamon and sugar mixture. Of course that was great. Robby made about a zillion of those, and every single one of them were devoured.

It was nearly 10 when we finally got everything cleaned up tonight. There was baggo that was played this evening-Keaton is really pretty good at that. She even brought her projector for Christmas and watched some of a movie on the side of the camper this evening. It was a super great evening and the weather was absolutely perfect. 

Right now it is about 11:30. Robby is working, I am just now finishing the blog and am going to take a shower before going to sleep. Tomorrow is packing up and coming home for us! 

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