October 31, 2022-Happy Halloween!

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  • I decided last night that I wasn't going to start school today until 9, so I did lolligag around this morning as long as I could before waking up the kids. I did manage to accomplish a few things before starting school, but it was mainly emptying the dishwasher, folding laundry and making a few lists.
  • We did school today, but every chance I had I was up and throwing things into the camper. I always notice this when we are packing, but there is a large difference between boys and girls. For example, I have to pretty much pack for all of the boys. While the girls carry their items to the camper neatly folded, usually in bags or tied together by outfits and then put these clothes exactly in their spots. While the boys just don't.
  • I do have to go Anderson some props-maybe he is getting older, but he did fairly neatly put his clothes into the camper. (I did rearrange them so they would fit better though). Graham managed to get his clothes to a laundry basket in the mudroom. It was hard to distinguish if this basketful of clothes was laundry or his trip clothes. I had to refold everything when putting it away. And Whitman, I just packed for him. (I know, how can he learn if he doesn't pack-but I'm getting older and what's left of my sanity is important to maintain.)
  • I finished reading a library book to the 3 littles, just as Reagan left to feed Annie with Campbell. When they returned home, I did a bit of school work with Reagan followed by Keaton, Robby and I leaving for a few errands. We bought gas and then he went to the bank while Keaton and I went to the grocery store. 
  • We were just running in the store for a few things. I know better, but I told Keaton we wouldn't need a cart-17 things later, we were leaving with a cart. We had to find one in the store so we wouldn't drop anything and cause more of a commotion than us running through the store with our hands full of stuff.
  • We then tried to go and vote, but the line was insane. So we will try again in the morning. When returning home this time, it was just about time to leave again.
  • I don't have many that dress up these days, but Campbell and Keaton were cows while Whitman was a tourist. We started our Trick Or Treating at Grannmymom's house followed by Nonna's house. 
  • Then we ran to the Hobb's house and ate pizza over there before walking around their neighborhood for a bit. We even ended up at their grandparent's house where the kids did some candy trading. 
  • Now, even though not everyone dresses up-Anderson and Graham still ran up to a few houses today to get themselves some candy. Graham even brought a bag along to help himself out. (Anderson and Reagan didn't do too much trick or treating today, but they sure hit up all the campsites at Maumelle Saturday.)
  • Once we were back at home, Robby loaded up a few more things before we finally went in and settled down. We are not nearly as tired tonight as we were last night, but I think that I am still pretty tired. 

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