December 1, 2022

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  • Robby left the house super early this morning. I think that once he left, I started having crazy dreams. Possibly because I read that organizing book before bed, but I dreamed that I couldn't find a piece of paper. I searched and searched making a huge mess trying to find that paper. That is not the way that I wanted to wake up for sure!
  • I felt a bit scattered the first little bit that I was awake. I even tried to think about what I needed to organize for real in the house so I didn't lose anything again like in my dream.  Thankfully though I have lost nothing yet today-or I have been able to find everything so far.
  • I did the laundry and dishes before I started to wake up the kids. Anderson was the last one to wake up this morning, but when he did come downstairs he had his advent calendar that he bought last year to open. 
  • Keaton had an dentist appointment this morning-a filling. This was supposed to be one of two, but ended up just being one of one since the other wasn't a cavity. Keaton was certainly relieved to find out that news.
  • We finished school, and I even did a little bit of packing. Soon it was time for me to head to the pregnancy center. Campbell and Keaton usually go with me, but Keaton was cooking with Grannymom and Campbell was headed to the trampoline park.
  • I did run one errand on the way and worked on a few more presents and stocking stuffers. Let's talk about the stockings. (Stop reading here, Robby) Those things are expensive. You can't buy a 16 year old boy matchbox cars anymore-stockings are pricey. Maybe I should just put cash in them next year.
  • When I left the pregnancy center, I headed home to Robby cooking supper. We had spaghetti which was delicious on this chilly night. Afterwards, we did our first round of pulling Santa and ornaments.
  • If you have forgotten, we have a Santa countdown that we do each day of December. Pulling the piece out each day it what we call pulling Santa. And our December ornaments is when one kid picks an ornament each day for Robby to describe the other to guess. It is always a crazy and rowdy time which we love.
  • After cleaning up from supper, I watched Christmas movie under my blanket!

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