December 30, 2022

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  • Another quiet day around here. I think that the most productive thing that I have done today is go through the cup cabinet and clean out the glove and hat drawer.
  • I found a new site on Facebook where people are giving stuff away left and right. So I have now given two different things away (some old pictures frames and extra gloves and hats from today). However, I haven't had anyone pick up what they said they were going to pick up just yet so maybe shoving my stuff in the attic donate box is a better idea.
  • The first outing today was with Campbell, Keaton, Anderson and Graham. I do love my boys, but they are not great shoppers. In the back of my mind, I knew that they would do better without the girls and I was right.
  • Our first stop was Walmart, and they had lots of Christmas clearance left. I was still looking throughout myself while the boys were sword fighting with wrapping paper rolls. They aren't toddlers anymore-they are high schoolers swinging wrapping paper at each other.
  • We survived that store and then went to Academy. They both had a gift card there, but they "looked" for things for about 3 minutes before they were finished with that store. Keaton was a fast shopper though and did find her some pajama pants before the boys finished their shopping.
  • After this, we picked up a spelling book for Whitman on the way home. Then I did some reading, but eventually everyone made their way down to the living room to play 20 Questions. We played last night and probably even played the day before. And like most of the time that we have played that game, Anderson won.
  • Soon it was time for supper, we went to pick up a few things-Kroger for buns for tomorrow's supper, Panda Express for Keaton and my suppers, Dickeys for tomorrow night's supper, Paxtons for Robby, Anderson and Whitman's suppers, and ChickFilA for Graham, Campbell and Reagan's suppers. This isn't cheap and takes a bit of time, but it sure does make everyone happy.
  • A football game is on and the kids have been coming down to watch and then migrating back upstairs. Tomorrow is the last day of this break and I might just cry!

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