May 10, 2023

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  • I was out walking Bentley this morning while it was still pretty chilly out. The kids weren't even awak so I had to leave a note just in case that they did wake up when I was out. I think that I have mentioned it before, but I usually don't take my phone on my walks because I often don't have pockets. This seemed to bother the boys-I'm not sure if they were concerned with my safety or if they were just concerned that someone would leave the house without their phone.
  • Anyway, I was back safely before anyone did wake up this morning. I didn't get around to much of my book last night, so I had to finish it this morning before my library trip this afternoon. It had an odd ending-like I really don't know what happened. I'm just not sure. Sometimes I wonder how people can write so well, and sometimes I wonder how people can not write so well.
  • Whitman went with Robby to use his gift card that he earned from saying his verses (last year's gift card that we have not gotten around to using.) It was to Dairy Queen so Whitman had a coke, burger, fries and a blizzard. That was a big meal!
  • Keaton went with me to take Bentley to the vet. First I ran into the library, and then we had to battle the rain to get us and the dog inside of the vet before we were all soaked. Of course, Bentley did great there-it probably helped that I had a bag full of treats.
  • When we came home, I had plans to go right to the treadmill, but instead I ended up on the couch napping. I slept until I could sleep no more-now, I could have slept longer, but I didn't have time to sleep any longer-it was time for me to get on the treeadmill. 
  • As soon as I finished the treadmill, I showered and then finsihed working on Whitman's desk with him. We were able to get it nice and neat right before it was time to leave for church. 
  • At church tongiht, we had snow cones and lots of rowdy kids. On the way home we did pick up pizzas for supper tonight. Reagan is out with her Dgroup and the rest of us are watching some tv before bed.

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