May 18, 2023-Disney or Bust!

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This morning Robby was able to snag us Gaurdians tickets again. That is the kid's favorite ride at Disney, but the only thing about Gaurdians is that our number is called earlier in the morning than it would be if we had chosen to ride Tron.

Our number was called a little bit before 10 this morning. We had to wake pretty much everyone so we could get to Epcot. Before we left Robby, Campbell, and Keaton went to the pool and filled up their drinks. Then we headed to Epcot and went straight to Gurdians, I can only ride that once or else I'll be one of those people hovering over the trash can. After Gurdians we went to Connections and had some ice water and popcorn.

We then headed out and got in line for Spaceship Earth which is one of Whitman's favorite ride at Epcot. I am pretty sure Robby and Campbell were on there phones the whole time though. After that we headed back to the campground. Anderson, Keaton and Campbell drove the golf cart to go and pin trade. 

I sat under the tent and read my book, the girls came back asking me if I could drive them around to scavenger hunt around the campground. We ended up finding about 4 things, Whitman also came along. Then we decided we would  hide a few things, so we came back to the camper and grabbed some of our stuff that we brought to hide.

Robby, Anderson, Keaton, Bentley and I drove aound on the golf cart for about 30 minutes. Once we headed back, Campbell and Graham found us on their bikes. We went to Walmart with everyone but Graham and Whitman. Reagan and Keaton both found shirts, Robby bought a sun shade and he even ended up letting Campbell get some candy.

After Walmart we went to Panda Express to pick up dinner which we broght home and ate. Robby tried to put a new pedal on Anderson's bike that he happened to have in his miscellaneous bucket but he had the wrong side pedal so he had to order a diffrent one. Once everyone was ready we headed to the boat and went to Magic Kingdom. The boat is always a little slow, but we make it there when we need to be there,

We decided to get some popcorn from the Confectionery on Main Street.  We bought 2 different kinds: butter popcorn with milk choclate, m&ms and twix. The other one was carmel popcorn with marshmallows, dark chocolate and fudge brownies m&ms. Everyone liked the first one the best.

When we started heading to Big Thunder Moutain, it started raining on us but it wasn't terrible. We all rode that once, and Campbell and Keaton ended up riding it twice. While they rode that we went and drank some water at the Pecos Bill restaurant and tried to stay dry. The girls came and found us and we made are way to Pirates. The line wasn't too bad since the fireworks were about to start.

(All of the blog above this point was written by Campbell. I laid my computer down while I was doing something getting people ready for bed, and she saw that I had started on the blog and took over. I did cut her off at 12 so that is the reason that I am finishing it myself-if it hadn't been so late, I would have let her finish and possibly even handed over full time blog responsibilities to her.)

After Pirate, we did the Haunted Mansion and hurried next to Seven Dwarfs. The line was short, but we did make it to the front of the line when they shut the dang ride down because of lightening. That was a little bit disappointing, but we still had time to make it to Space Mountain before the park closed. 

That is what we did. While we were waiting in line, Whitman asked me if I remembered when Anderson had his birthday on Space Mountain. I sure do-he turned 13. Whitman doesn't remember too much about the 2019 trips (He didn't remember Fantasmic), but he does remember a few things.

After Space, we headed out of the park with everyone else. We were happy to see that they were running the boats. We thought that they may not have been becuase of the rain/lightening. We were soon back at the campground eating snacks, getting drinks at the pool, and taking showers. 

It is midnight now, and everyone is in bed. I still have my shower to take and then possibly I will still be awake for a little bit and can read some.

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